Ideas for improvements to the game, U.I and perk feature

  • On the U.I you should have a box where you can change ammuntion type, for example, explosive arrow to snake arrow etc… by clicking on an arrow near the box

  • Demon lord perk - being able to switch it on or off at your discretion, in my opinion its an awful perk to spend 20 points to get a wandering idiot, however if you can turn it (ON) when you (DONT) have a thrall or pet active etc that could be something useful.

  • In my opinion with demon lord for its cost it could be a single (controlled) pet you can summon to follow and fight for you as long as you don’t have another follower with you, it would start at level 0 and permanent but will despawn if you choose another follower. The benefit of this would be that you would always have access to a follower, if the demon dies another will respawn in its place at 0, this would function a bit similar to elder scrolls online druid which has the option to have that bear and respawn it. For a level 20 perk this would be much better.

Thankyou for reading.

The hotbar works for this.
Now if only this worked for poisons on melee weapons as well.

To be fair I think it needs to be deleted and something else in its place. But the same could be said for many of the corrupted perks. They just don’t warrant replacing the perks they do, with the exception of Grotesque Excrescence and Petrified, and maybe Twisted Flesh (needed for Petrified).

All of the 20 point corrupted perks for sure need replacing badly. The first 3 in authority and vitality are very good and I find great benefit from them on a daily basis.
Most of the corrupted str perks however seem rather lacking…

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