Borderline Useless Abyssal Mounts Rendered Totally Useless with Planned Patch

Abyssal Mounts have a spell effect that makes them hostile and greatly reduces their usefulness even though they die anyway from server resets and low hp relative to regular tamed mounts. The “disloyalty” effect needs to be disabled because it serves no purpose.

Server resets kill the mounts, which is fine and completely acceptable. They’re not meant to be permanent. But currently I have to sacrifice a thrall for every vile of blood needed to summon them which is too impractical for something lasting only a few minutes. The server reset will kill them anyway, so why should a spell effect turn them hostile?

They have a fraction of the HP (389) for the horse, No inventory space, which makes them useless for hauling things, and the spell effect makes them hostile before they can be leveled to 20. Currently, The Testlive update will make this “disloyalty” effect dismount the player. But I ask again, why ? As stated earlier the server reset will kill them anyway if a mob doesn’t kill them first, before they ever reach level 20.

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They should probably spawn already at level 20, like zombies do.

However, the disloyalty mechanic should stay - which means they would also be harder to kill at level 20.

They are demons. Demons in the Conan universe are not slaves to humanity, they are only allies so long as you provide them with what they want. Which in this case, is death, staying loyal as long as you keep killing.

That’s a good way to asure even fewer people play as sorcerors and only use sorcery for transmog and transport. There’s a thing called playability. Lore can’t ever trump it.

This is what I am often talking about. The same with realism. If it gets too realistic it gets unplayable or in other words:


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