Abyssmal snake bug

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Abyssmal snake will not attack player character or thrall

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Proceed through the dregs dungeon
  2. Have a long drawn out staring completion with a creepy snake
  3. Lose staring competition to creepy snake and proceed to pout like a tiny spoiled child

This a known bug that has popped up a few times, no idea why Abyssal Remnant keeps breaking, but for the time being, I would advise going in there with a bow and a lot of arrows, it won’t even go hostile after shooting after at it, if it’s like the last time this happened.

on Xbox the solution we found is to stay on the very very very edge of the pool, don’t move back or you will loose the agro. Give it a try

Hi @Econradt, this issue is known and will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

This bug is now in the game for at least 3 months or more…