Access denied as an Admin?

As an Admin i supposed to have access to everything. players inventory, chest, thralls, vaults ect. Now that power is gone in order for me to gain access to everything i have to put myself in their clan to even help them. i feel i lost some power here. is there an admin command i don’t know about? i feel like i accidentally turn something off… im running a pippi mod by the way…

a) I’ve run servers a couple times thru the years, and to the best of my knowledge Admin has never had access to other player’s locked containers, nor inventories of on-line players;

b) Pippi is the best mod for Admin tools, and their Discord channel is invaluable resource for Admins helping other Admins;

c) Admins interfering with in-game activities (particularly surreptitiously) is almost always considered a bad idea for a variety of reasons. If this help is done it should be completely transparent or accusations and questions of Admin Abuse or integrity will arise. This has already cost your server a few players.

d) Start a Server Discord already!

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