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Hi all,
I am server owner. I know how to grant admin rights to me and to someone. But is there a way I can allowe my admin to do only some things? Like only to warp or spectate someone, without spawning NPC/items rights, or even without access to change server configuration?

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Unfortunately, no. Admins can only have full access.

Actually…if you use Pippi User Management mod, you can assign commands to ranks and the player can execute them via command line. That’s how I do it on my server.

For example: I created several ranks and added teleport and spawnitem to those ranks separately. The user then types the proper command in the chat window - see Pippi mod in Steam for more info or join their Discord.

Feel free to message me directly if you want more details.

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Look into the Pippi mod. You can set ranks for players and allow them some powers without giving them the admin password.

Great ideas! Thank you guys.

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