Accessibility: Can't read font on icons. Needs higher contrast font

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Problem: [Misc]
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Human eyes are quick, but low contrast effects bio-performance to read. You get my gist?

I’m farsighted, so I should not need to wear glasses to read my 4k UHD display. I can read white on red okay, but bright red on dim red is impossible without glasses. We can target the repair hammer dialogue background. It could be simple as an options in Settings to enable text shadows for accessibility.

On icons, the extra shadow may take up a little more real estate. Maybe just shadow the currently focused icon, or do all icons with text shadows.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have a stack of items in inventory
  2. note the contrast
  3. note the overall accessibility
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In my opinion the fonts need cleaned up all around my wife and I both wear glasses older tired eyes. Even when we get up to read descriptions are a bit blurry. We are using a 50inch Toshiba and a 48 Samsung in the same room normally with black out curtains shut. Closed captioning and tickers on news programs come in clear enough. Game itself is fine.

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Mmhmm, i’m old enough to know it is best to leave CC/subtitles on. I learned my lesson. I’m happy with Netflix supporting subtitles. It means I can watch and quickly rewind anything I missed. Compare that to constantly turning on and off subtitles as the movie progresses.

The subtitles in the game do not get in the way.

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Yes Netflix subtitles work well. It is recorded and live I keep asking my wife to turn them on. Amazon subtitles are pretty good also.

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Hello @Dzonatas, we’ll be sure to forward your feedback and concern to the team, thank you for taking the time to point out this issue.

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