Accidental Character Reset- Need to level back up

Hey guys I was half asleep and I messed up really bad lol. I was max level then I accidentally reset my character without thinking about it. How can I get back to 60 as fast as possible? Haha this has to be one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in any game. If it helps I still have my Treasure Hunter Relic Seeker and a full set of Vanir armor stashed in my base. Huge thanks!

Don’t sweat it, I’ve started over at least 20 times, up to level 300. tier 3 building materials and stations and buildings like temples give a lot of exp, and also anything explosive related. Dragonpowder and explosive arrows give huge exp.

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So the best thing would be to kill stuff until I can get t3 stuff then build a huge tier 3 palace for maximum xp? My thrall is pretty strong so she can carry me back up until then. I also heard that the jungle is a great exp farming spot because salamanders and birds. So I think I’ll build it there to start. Also is there an efficient way to get brimstone? I need a ton of the stuff to make explosives but I don’t think I’m strong enough to run back into the springs, Gallman’s Tomb or Deathwhisper Ruins yet. Thanks!

for Brimstone, I believe the easiest place is Sinner’s refuge, a cave NE of the round pond along the river with the big croc.

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If you havent already, go dismantle your base and have various chests to get the loot that will drop.

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take your thrall and kill respectively , the “walking” gorrillas not the big ones in the jungle temple and all the glowy skeletons in the mounds of the dead , in chain , you should get back to lvl 60 in no time :wink:

started a new character on a pvp server once
I got a thrall before having a wheel by taking gold in chests , then buying it at lvl 12ish at floatsam trader then I went directly to those two spots , was lvl 60 under 5 hours of game played

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Huge thanks guys!! Thanks to all this great advice I’m already back to level 40 and rising fast!

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