Accidentally clicked recreate character!


I accidentally clicked “Recreate Character” instead of “Remove Bracelet” and because I was playing Conan the whole night, clicked ok.

I had just hit 60, killed my last mob which brought me to 60, then i wanted to kill myself to take the elevator from base at the treetop and put it down, but this happened. Now I have lost the character i have been leveling, aleepless for days. Funcom, can you bring back my lvl60 character back? Dont want to quit the game.

Server : Offical 1111 pvp eu
Steam Id : ozgungunes461
character name: Derack

Good luck bud. That’s harsh.

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Thank you pal, i almost getting heartattack for this :confused: i hope they can help.

I’m pretty sure they will not. But good luck anyway…

Thank you, i think i need to start all over again…

I think so too.
I’ve seen people mention it’s possible to get to 60 in six hours by exploring the map to get the points of interest and by doing journey steps. You might be able to rush back to where you were before.

Hi there,

I am sorry that your character was deleted. I have been there myself a couple of times :disappointed_relieved: Unfortunately, we are unable to restore any deleted character in Conan Exiles.

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