Add a REAL server Que. Ffs

I’m sick and tired of getting dropped from trying to connect to my server with steams auto join feature any time my server is full and it tries to load me in.

It ALWAYS loads up Conan goes to load into server then says connection failed.

Funcom, either you all need to add an actual and real wait que to the server or at thee very least give PRIORITY to people who are regulars on the server. I have a few I play on but since 9/10 times you get OFFLINE raided it’s a b*tch when k can’t even get in and defend myself or my stuff.

I think players who have a level 60 character on a server should get the added benefit of being added to some sort of “priority que” while at the server select screen when trying too join if it’s full.

Yes I’m SUPER tilted right now. Tired of having literal SWARMS of new players on my servers and not being able to get in AFTER someone EXPLOITS and CRASHES the server when I was already on pre-crash.

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