Add a Lobby Queue

Staring at the server screen and refreshing, waiting for that one slot to open wastes SO MUCH TIME. Please add a queue so we can just simply click the server we want, have a wait time, and get in when a spot opens. This way we can go do other things while we wait.


Find your server on battlemetrics

Use the connect function to bring up the Steam connect client.
Click “auto-retry” with “join the server as soon as a player slot is available”

Boom, you’ll get in automatically as soon as soon slot opens. - But quite a few people use this method so you’ll see people joining you who also do this.

I would add screenshots and a link for you, but my account is new and it won’t allow me.

I like the ideia of a lobby where players can enter while on a queue for a full server. The lobby is an Arena where players can duel/fight free for all.

I don’t understand. You mean autojoin in steam ? What is battlemetrics for?

I have no idea what GeoshotTV means by what he suggested, But I fully agree there needs to be a queue feature added and also an auto disconect AFK timer.

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Most people are talking about consoles, steam client wouldnt matter. I agree, a queue would be great, but what’s really needed is a characters created cap, that way no one can take your spot even if the server population was almost full. A 40 population cap means nothing if 100 players have characters on it, over half the population cant even play their characters if someone else starts playing while they’re sleeping or working.

Yea ppl just don’t log out and stay Ingame. I mean it’s 19:40 now and I’ve been trying since 14:00.

I fear for the life my ps4 pro if I do that, plus then you have all those asking for an idle kick, if too many complain, it’ll happen

Autoconnect does not work always. I attempted logging in once today but then got the message couldn’t connect so rinse and repeat. Also there is a guy with the same name in the server list showing 3 times. Must be the same guy blocking slots. Official sever 1117. also different online Times.

There’s an autoconnect? This on PC? On PS4 you have to either check your history, favorite the server, or remember the server ID. If you forget, and it somehow gets taken off your history (happened a few times) then youre out of luck unless you go checking servers one by one, other than that, there’s no way to see what server your character is on.

yes there is an autoconnect in the steam itself. And yes on PC. Not sure about PS4 Though!

And yes i confirm the Server list both on steam and ingame are Buggy. Sometimes they Show up sometimes they don’t, then sometimes the favorites gets unfavarite again and vice versa. But like I said above autoconnect sometimes don’t work if you are like a millisecond slower than an another waiting dude.

We dont have this on ps4, it just pops up a box saying its full and you have to keep clicking “refresh” then if it says something like “39/40” spam the X button and hope you get in, if not, then you should probably just go to a new server cause your hard work wont be there when you can finally get back on.

That would suck to goto a new server. Spend all night multipule nights playing & lvl’ing just to waste it & start over? Really? Sure go to another server he says but wait… every server is maxed out also so wtf?. Spent an hour spaming to join saturday night & got lucky to get in. Sunday afternoon spent hours just trying to join w/ no luck. Monday & tuesday after work & dinner for a lil session ya right still cant get in. Its going on 3 days of not being able to join. This is rediculus to pay money for a game you cant play on an official server. Getting annoyed