Add basic materials (loose stone/branches) to EVERY area

Without going into lag and disappearing dead body issues that can put a player in a predicament.

I am in the swamp/jungle area and literally can not find ANY loose stone, literally running all around I can not find ONE loose stone. All I need is just FIVE pieces of stone so I can build a tool to get more stone/resources and progress, it’s hard enough finding branches but it is inconceivable that there is simply not ANY small stone and branches in every area as those are the absolutely needed to make other items.

EDIT: This request is for inland of the biomes, yes going to the outskirts of islands they can be found, the point is we shouldn’t have to leave the area we are in for these base resources required for the most basic purpose

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The swamp area is tuned for levels 20-40 that way you should already have all the tools you need to survive out in the swamp, plus you can get braches and stone on your way to the swamp.

Yes but even at level 20+, if you die and your body disappears you have nothing, so a few loose stones to build a tool/weapon would negate that.

But even if your body doesn’t disappear, if you spawn at a bedroll far away from your base… again just 5 loose stones and 5 branches allows you to build the minimum tool and continue so you can stay in the area you trekked a far way out to, giving you a way to defend yourself before you find your body while in those areas… those items should be in EVERY area… that’s is very little to ask for.

Seems reasonable. Though I have found loose stones in every area, I’m not so sure about branches.

Yea, there is literally not one stone you can pick up in the swamp, branches are sparse but at least they are there

Agree, I find it an inconvenience when I’m surrounded by trees and rocks, but can’t find a single loose stone or branch.

Exactly… it’s water water everywhere and not a drop to drink syndrome.

I was punching wildly at boulders hoping somehow my fist would magically break off 5 little stones… but alas no, I had to walk all the way back to my base and back again… tedious

I have found loose stones in the swamp, though very few.

There are huge swaths of land void of branches and stones, and I think that’s fine. It’d be crazy to litter the entire planet with sticks and stones. But if we need to start sharing the coordinates on where to find a rock, that might signify a small error in the current distribution.

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Maybe on your server, as a test I literally spent hours the day I made this post to see if there were truly no stones, because honestly I couldn’t believe it. In a few hours of searching maybe the entire swamp I literally didn’t find one stone.

I’ll admit I’m almost tempted to ask you to post a vid on YouTube of where you found lose stone in the swamp. The whole reason I spent hours looking was I wanted to see if there was one place I could go to get a few if I died out in the wilds of the swamp, as I said I found not even one.

I may do that.
As a sanity check, I just ran to the swamp and found one in 53 seconds (using my berry pulp as a timer). It was near a boulder, near an NPC camp.

Thanks for the info I’m gonna check again, even tho, since that day I haven’t strayed far enough away from my base for it to be an issue or checked… but it should never be an issue. If there are boulders and trees there should always be rocks and branches… that’s nature

Just got 10 more along the river. I’ll upload the video.
So it did take about 10 minutes before I stumbled across more stones.

Yeah looks like branches and stones and strewn down the length of the river. I’ve got like 100 now.
I’ll post the link when the video is ready. I show the spot on the map.

I remember respawning and running, naked, into NPC camps, quickly looting some chests and running away. Those brown crates always seen to have basic supplies like stone, fiber, bones, wood… So that’s another option for you.

So like I said, they do exist in every major area and I’d rather not see the world littered with them.:slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Yea, unfortunately that doesn’t help, there are stones by the beaches, that’s were I ran to to get them that day. I mean inside the actual swamp up north for example by Tailers Berth or Scuppers Shelters. You shouldnt have to go all the way to a transition area to get those basic resources

That is the swamp and it only takes a couple minutes to reach the river from anywhere on that side of the map.
I fail to see the problem. Having collectibles every meter would be ridiculous.

Well I tried to help, that’s all I can do.

Yea you can most likely run to your body before there in most cases or back to the desert if you head east. This is a Game, why do we need a couple minute time sink to get the most basic resources, that is my entire point. the should be lose on the ground in all the areas

Right… Well, as I have shown, they are in every area. What you’re ‘actually’ wanting is for them to be absolutely everywhere, within sight of every possible place you could spawn.

I’m just going to take my leave before the absurdity spins out of control.

Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

I am replying to this again because you had a very adversarial reply, which shouldn’t dissuade a helpful feature saying I want it absolutely everywhere which is not true.

All I want is some lose stones inside of the main area of the swamp, currently there are none.

Yes you have a good “gotcha” as technically that entire area to the east is the swamp, but technically the parking lot is part of a school, and yes you could put all the fire alarms and fire extinguishers in the parking lot and you would be exactly right to say you could find them at the school if you did that… but having some inside the school would be better… just as I am requested to have some… just SOME… in the inland swamp areas instead of only that main river and literally nothing above, not everywhere you can spawn.