Coal node in newbie area

It would be nice for maybe one coal node to be placed where a brand new player could find it since wielding a torch is one of the first accomplishments, and they won’t know about the coal areas up North.

The quick torches that don’t require coal don’t work out well for placing near structures that a new player may experiment on building.

I’m not asking for an entire resource area, just one coal node so a beginner can make a standing torch to place on or near buildings. When they get stronger and start to explore they can later find the actual resource areas, my idea is just for someone first starting.

It really would be nice to see a couple nodes just across the noob river

hi, having even 1 clump of iron stone (eg 1 stone) or coal, near the start is always cool…(i spent quite a long time smashing rocks of sandstone, trying to get 1 ironstone per 100 sandstones, until i found out that ironstone is found as an actual IronStone further north). :smiley:

i did see a mod that adds a few clumps of coal and iron stone to the north east jungle, but so far in my game, if you go across that river (over a few small islands) and up a bit more, it turns into more desert/barren land (near the middle of the map horizontally) and there are about 10 clumps of iron stone and about 7 clumps of coal :slight_smile:

there are 2 named areas near there, 1 is called The Summoning Place, and the other is the Corner of Bones… and i often journey between the two, collecting a bit or iron, and then some coal.

No it give a reason for new player to start explore up on the map but maybe increas the chanse for npc´s to drop it can be some…

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There is a lot of coal just north of the river, on the ridge where theres lots of spiders, I get about 100 pieces a time.

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won´t the fibertorch give you the journeystep aswell?

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I’m 99% sure that’s a yes.

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yes its not far up

It’s a toss-up. On the one hand I can see why this would be good. On the other hand, you really do want people moving away from noob river once they’ve started grasping the game (so there’s room for new noobies!) and I know from experience (including my own) that many people are loathe to move unless borderline forced to.

Uee dried wood for fuel, same burn time, easier to maintain huge quantities of. Run dregs early, that torch is 100000000000x better.

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Picking up candles from npc I guess … but very dim

its not dark in the newbe area so its not realy needed. just decorativ.

It still gets dark in the newbie area eventually doesn’t it? There’s just a period of time after character creation where it’s light, even if it’s dark for everyone else.

No not realy, North of the wall its geting dark but not in the newbe area, just abit more shadow. a during the sandstorm it is some but then the newbe have to be indires anyway.

You might be right. Haven’t been back in a while, and I wasn’t there long to begin with (just long enough that going to an iron-rich region was viable).

Yes it was dark in early acces but when the North map came they changed it.

no not realy, you can still se what you are doing, its not total black.

have you bean up in the forest ? The green area and up. that how dark are supose to be!

Or in the undead city at night?

I’m not talking about a whole resource area, just something like one node or even an occasional coal bit that drops like the iron bits in stone boulders. Just something to give a new player a taste of what can be done with coal.

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