From Newbie River to....?


My two friends and I are in a PVE server. We have a simple question:
Where do we go next? And after that and further? We’re at the Newbie river.

Is there like a list of places to visit in a specific order? Like Swamp First, then Desert north?

Thank you.

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I assume you’re just starting the game? The further north you go, the harder it becomes. I’d suggest making a starter base somewhere along the river near iron deposits. Use that to build up armor and weapons a bit before heading out anywhere.

I’d suggest getting to steel level, for that you’ll need steelfire, made from tar (farm hides) and brimstone. You can mine that from a cave a short ways NE from the round pond on the north side of the river.

There’s no real list that I know of, it’s an open world, but I can tell you the first/easiest dungeon is the Dregs, at the far west end of the river just before the faction hall. There is a camp full of enemies along the way you’ll have to fight your way through. Make sure someone has a bow & arrows for the Dregs.

After that, you can work your way north for the next dungeon, the Black Keep. You’ll want to have cold weather armor for that.


Don’t forget to set down a bedroll when you are preparing to get into dangerous situations. Ps. Are you on ps4 or PC

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For newer players I always recommend the Jungle/Swamp to the east as your second biome, when you are ready to venture beyond the River biome. Its pretty managable.


There are some places without “kitties” in the Swangle. And if you notice them in time you can always run into some water. There are no weather effects there by the way so you don’t need special armor and food to keep you warm.


One of the best ways to learn the game is to complete the journey steps. By default, these will display in the upper right corner of your screen (check the Settings/Gameplay tab if not), and they are the closest we’ve got to a plot or tutorial.

One tip I’ll give is to be sure to give folks with established bases a wide berth when building since PvE folks like to enjoy their scenery, and also don’t want to have other people’s Purges hitting their base. Also, be aware that there is a Decay mechanic that you’ll want to understand (basically if you’re offline for 7 days on an Official server, all your stuff goes poof).

Aaand it’s 1am, gonna have to hold off on any more thoughts until morning! :sweat_smile:


Well to be fair, the only weather effect worth worrying about is the sandstorm, and right now that pretty much only hits the Unnamed City and noob river.

Although I guess the meteor storms in the snowy region are worthy of some concern as well, but really that just means you risk one of them punching a hole in your roof from time to time.

Not really Shadoza. I think you may have missed the finer details in Speedie778’s original post. He is a newER player, not brand new or a newb. After all; he has said he is now ready to venture beyond the River and into a different biome. I honestly believe that the Jungle is the second easiest. Honestly my friend, if not the Jungle, then which biome whould you advise them to go to next…!? Genuine question, no rudeness intended.

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I would suggest touring the capital cities of the Factions. From the noob river, head to the Summoning Place to experience all that the Darfari cuisine has to offer. Then make sure to make some new furry friends in The Den. After that an adventure on the not-so-high seas of the Black Galleon will have you walking the plank for more. Then head into the jungle for a naughty visit to the Pagoda of Boundless Lusts. Next stop, New Asagard is the jewel of the Highlands. Follow that up with a trip to fabulous Set City, and experience all that the city of the Relic Hunters has to offer (don’t miss Conan’s Bar, the best local watering hole). Mounds of the Dead is your next stop, where you can learn to do The Chicken. Finally, head to the land-famous Well of Skelos, but be sure to pack your shorts!

Enjoy your whirlwind tour of the Exiled Lands, you’ll be sure to wish you had packed more weapons!

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That would be… you.


Cold can be very annoying without good cold-protecting armor so it’s not a very good idea to go live in the Tundra too early.

Play storyline…

I hate the Swangle: sssssssssnakes, sssssssssspiders, ssssspitting creatures, mmmm no thanks. Unless I play on AoC (Age of Calamitous) server, then I love the Swangle: All elves are mineeee :smiley:

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Alright so what I’m getting from this is that we should head north first to gather more iron before heading east. From east we should head west when we’re ready and then north. Hope this is right. Cheers.

Conan Exiles is a throw back MMO form the days where you are not held held and told what to do.
Instead the world is your oyster, and you do what you want to do, go where you want to go.

its called total freedom, the way it was before the nanny games came out


What Hyborian_Jones said is the way I see it also, There isn’t a set progression that you have to confirm to.

My advice do a map run, go around to collect the obelisks and during the process look around at the different areas and biomes and see which one most sparks your fancy.

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The panthers can be challenging depending on exactly how high or low a level the op is when entering. Gorillas on the other hand, I find remarkably simple and easy to dodge on account of their slow strike speed. As far as further north into the Desert biome goes, it was my second pick. Rocknoses are fairly easy, and scorpions…hmmm ~. On the other hand though, rhinos and giant snakes could prove a challenge for newer players. I think that much like the Jungle, it all just depends on which part he ventures into. Its a matter of personal preference I think. By that point I was just dying to see some lush greenery, instead of sandy terrain too.

Looks like your choices are the desert or hide in the jungle. I often find other players in the desert, so you will be noticed. After you made that choice, then you should have time to make the different armors you’ll need to conquer the different biomes.

I suggest to do the Dregs so you can get the first set of armor. Raiding desert camps will get you the next set. Do either one first.

The jungle is more secluded for sure. If you build out by obelisk 3, hardly any one will know your there.
We have found a spot in the desert by the sink hole where everything you need to survive is there.

Both he servers we play on our bases are within a short distance form each other. Always built high on rock, not on the valley floor like you will see everyone else do. This stops the purges from hitting you base. We knock out the bottom stairs ,and defend that area. Too easy.

The deep jungle you can build inside of old buildings, so up in a tree. Either way you end up with a cool place to live. The jungle iron has to be imported from the high desert, but it is right thru a secret passage very few ever see let a lone use.

A lot of folks build in the timber lands. It is cold and raining all the time. We have that here where we live, so we have a n outpost there, next to NA, Just for thralls and a map room to jump back to the desert with.