New Player guide by New Player

I’m a new player myself (3 weeks now) and got to lvl 60 organically in 8 days. Would’ve been shorter but I have a full time job and wife needs attention so. Here’s what I did.

Edit: I’m on PvE server

  • Use map ( to discover as many locations in the desert as possible. Be sure to stop by Unnamed city, Sepermeru and New Asagarth as those are journey steps and easy to get to. Mounds of the Dead is easy to get to too but I didn’t go that far myself. I discovered nearly all of the desert locations before I finally started building a home. If you die, well, who cares. Get back up and get ready to run again. I never died myself personally but it would have been fine. Pick up food and water as you go, but try to have at least a water pouch, torch and couple of bedrolls on you at all times.

  • Setup a basic home. I think 6x6x2 should be fine but I overdid it and went 11x11x2. That was too much room for me, I think 9x9x2 would’ve been perfect. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s just going to be your starter home that you may dismantle later on. I built by Voyager’s Virgil for reasons below:

  1. Xp. They are easy enough to kill even with rock weapons and will provide convenient and consistent supply of xp.

  2. Resources. More specifically the 3x Bearers nearby, 2 at Voyager’s Virgil and 1 at Ruins of Al’Merayah. Tier 1 & 2 can drop crap load of wood, rock, iron, plant fiber and other good stuff. Tier 3 can give you the coveted alchemy paste, which is basically used to make most of end game stuff. If you want to actually mine iron, only thing I found myself needing at times, you can get them nearby Ruins of Al’Merayah and south of the camp all the way down to the river. Enough to load your Bearer and yourself nearly full of iron ores.

  3. The aforementioned bearers make for perfect thrall for general use. T4 version has 9900hp, many slots to carry the rock, wood, and iron you’ll inevitably hoard, and they are one handed, meaning they will use that truncheon and knock out everything they see. I don’t give them any other weapon unless I need to farm leather or something at the Savanna.

  4. Speaking of Savanna, they are right there in your backyard so to speak. If you want pets, you can get them and get all the Exotic or Exquisite meat nearby for your Greater Pets.

  5. Thrall opportunities. Between the Ruin, Voyager and Black Galleon, you have a really good shot at obtaining T4 crafters. Their fighters and archers aren’t that great, but good enough as cannon fodder. I have them surrounding the most exterior of my “warehouse” so that they will capture Purge thralls. Archpriests are what you really want there though. If you see one, you better have a wheel ready because they are worth quite a lot. I managed to grab three myself. The Sandspit can spawn T4 Taskmaster and Blacksmith FYI and Marauder’s Muster can spawn 1 random T4 crafter there too. The map I provided earlier will say you can only grab T4 Archer there but it’s not true. I’ve gotten a T4 Blacksmith there.

  6. Sink hole is nearby if you want to farm Demon Blood (used to make Maproom)

  7. You have easy access to Brimstone too, not a lot mind you, but close enough that you can stop by to mine 5 nodes of Brimstone near Sailstitch Camp while waiting for respawns. You don’t need to return to base often thanks fo the T4 Bearer, which you will no doubt find soon enough.

  8. Water is close enough but I built a well in my base anyway.

  • Get the basic journeys done as soon as you can. There is a steam guide on it. By this point I got to lvl 40 during the two day weekend and moved north.

  • If you can stop by Summoning Place here and there and look for an armorer called B’naru Heavyhands and craft yourself Flawless Dafari Skin set. Flawless set will give you +9 strength! If you prefer medium version you can look for an armorer that can craft flawless Kambujan Shaman or just buy the Khitan DLC.

  • Once you have access to steel weapon build an outpost by New Asagarth. You can skip Sepermeru for now. If you needed steel before, you don’t anymore. You’ll swim in it. On the first day I captured so many thralls I had to build three wheels, one advanced and two regular, so I had 16 slots and they were all full. I had all 16 slots filled in two hours with two Beri, two Njoror Battleborn, three T4 smelters, two T4 taskmasters, and mix of other crafters plus 4 fighters and 1 archer. I was very lucky though, I know that now because I ran into a dry spell after. Only crafter I was missing was alchemist, and I’m STILL looking for one. I found 4 more Battleborn and two archpriests since, but still no alchemist. Anyway, you will get to 60 from just killing these. Slower than 1-40 but you will get there. By the way the chests and thralls can have starmetal ore and help you complete extra journey step that way. Black Galleon chest has starmetal ore occasionally too.

  • For the stats you want at least 4/5 on the STR department. As for the rest you do whatever you want to do but you want that extra damage on heavy attacks for sure unless you don’t plan on killing for a while.

Additional tips;

  • Even if you plan on playing solo, create a clan for yourself. On another server I once lost everything because someone spammed clan invite to me and I accidentally accepted while trying to emote back. I think they spammed emotes too because they knew the button used for emotes, is usually the same as one for accepting clan invites. Once you join a clan, everything you own that’s not on your character’s inventory, transfers over to clan. When you leave the clan nothing will belong to you so be warned!

  • I found spear weapon to be the best weapon. All you need to do is combo heavy attack up to 4x times and roll backward. Recover stamina and repeat. Most of the times though I do a micro-backward step between combos. NPC AI seems to cancel their own combos if I do that, allowing me to take the initiative back.

  • Make sure to bring a shield, bow and an archer thrall to The Dregs. That dungeon is easy if you block the boss until boss plops down for you to get free hits in. You can’t melee that boss most of the time because he’s sitting in an acid pool. I somehow managed to beat it anyway with just spear by learning to dodge the spits, but I almost died and my 2h thrall did absolutely nothing to help. I’ve even had to hit the gong things using my spear! On PS4 this was possible due to alternating water levels everywhere, but on PC the water level stays low at all times so I don’t think you could do the dungeon without a bow.

  • If you see a green wall, don’t go past it. I died once because I didn’t know what it was and couldn’t recover my body as it was beyond the wall. Basically the bracelet limits how far you can travel, and the green wall is the boundary.

  • You can get to lvl 60 in like an hour if you join a clan that let’s you craft end game stuff non-stop. Certain things give you huge amounts of xp. Edit: I think they nerfed the xp on high level crafts so I’m not sure if this is still feasible.


I disagree about Sepermeru. There’s no hostile people here making this place the easiest to farm slaves. Of course if you start truncheoning someone those nearby will attack you, but once they’re eliminated, either by killing them or knocking then out, nobody will attack you while you haul your wannabe slave through the city to your wheel of pain.
I’d recommend to make an outpost near Sepermeru just like the one near New Asagarth.


I think both places are good as there are pros and cons to both locations. I prefer New Asagarth over Sepermeru because to me whether or not the NPC’s are hostile make little difference to me. New Asagarth offers much more steel and better blacksmith/armorsmith (Bery, Njoror Battleborn), which is why I prefer NA. NA also spawns Chieftain NPC’s for quick and easy Tanner, Smelter, Cook, Dancer, Taskmasters, etc early on.

Booth are valid choices, but Njoror Battleborn is only a short term choice.

He’s good at the moment, not for the future, being the vanir the best cold protecting armor between normal armors but the epic vanir the worst between cold protecting epic armors.

At least speaking about medium armors, wich is a good advice for a guide: medium it’s good in pvp but also for pve and pve-c.

If you want to create a “vademecum” for new players I think it could be useful telling them of this problem.

Also, you can have no problem with NA, but in a guide for new players, useful for who never played the game, I’ll suggest Sepermeru instead because it’s easier to raid than NA. NA could be a formidable challenge for the ones who never played the game at all and have to make practice with the combat system.


For quick XP, get a sword, a pick axe, a bed roll and head to derketo and witch queen area. You will be @ level 10 when you get there. Pour everything inot strength unitl level 30 , then grit, then agility 1, then enc 2, then vitality. You will get plenty of savory meat to cook and use as heals. Build a 5x5x2 “off the grid” and a 4 wheel thrall house (all small wheels). Then just kill Grey apes and gorillas. Easiest kills to XP i have ever seen. Be level 60 in 8-9 hours, plus build a thrall wheel close and do 15 minute loops (killing the grey apes, you will get 5 or kills early on, but as you grow in damage, you may get up to 10-12 (@300,000 xp every 15 minutes) to start busting thralls. The thralls are easy enough to kill, and will drop legendary armor for the journey step, as well as iron for iron tools and weapons as you need it. It spawns all versions of named crafters randomly, plus ichor, brimstone, stone, iron and wood are abundant enough for early game crafting. You can kite the purple rhino if you really want for a keys (to be used when you hit lvl60), and can get a boss head journey step early on as well.
For PVE, this is simple.

As for pvp, it is a little harder, as some ■■■ hat large clan will need to “prove” itself and probably offline wipe you multiple times after 2 or 3 days of you being on server, so keep everything worthless until you get a feel for allies and enemies, and any named thralls keep on you and log off as far away from base as possible in the very tippy top of a tree. Once level 60, rebuilding is just going up the materials ladder to get a proper tnt factory to troll destroy walls of theirs. And spam as many pets on them as you can for retribution. Just make pens, enclose and farm as many animals during non raid time. Then go about the area, and place all down at once. Let them have fun mitigating that during raid times.


Very good feedback, thank you. I kept new player mentality in mind when I wrote it because I’m also a new player and I had no issues whatsoever in New Asagarth when I entered the town for the first time. Everyone told me it’s a big step up so I was very hesitant but they turned out to be much less of a challenge than the impression I had. In fact I went over to Mound next to investigate how difficult it was and I was able to clear it without any issue at lvl 40. I think having gotten used to the combat up to lvl 40 doing almost nothing but combat (90% combat, 10% mining/harvesting) better prepared me than I realized.

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While on the journey to the Jungle I recommend to get a bow with arrows and daggers as soon as you can craft them, at lvl 5 or 6 I think. Then to practice hit’n run fight against shalebacks and exile. The bow is useful to aggro one opponent at time and the daggers make it bleed and avoiding being hurt with the backflip. Don’t work very well against exiles archers, but it’s perfect against critters and exiles fighters.
For arrows there’s vulture’s nests near the Shattered Bridge, 2 in F and 1 in E3. You need to climb to get to them and gather feathers.
And at the end of the desert in the east, there’s ruins. Don’t go there, stay on the shore. The sandbeasts in the ruins will kill you in one shot. They’re nasty critters.

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I forgot about the daggers!!! Because i have the Conan Sword, i just make a quick furnace, carpenters bench and make my sword…30 dmg at level 10/11 goes along way to quicken my pace.

I did find one error. If you need iron, it’s south of Ruins of Al’Merayah and not Voyager’s Vigil. Technically there IS plenty of iron south of Voyager’s Vigil but they are mostly around nearby The Arena. You don’t have to go that far to get iron, though if you are inclined you can.

I drew where I got my iron based on memory: Ruiins of Al’Merayah is northwest of photo and Voyager’s Vigil is northeast corner. After killing the two bearers at Voyager and maybe clearing Black Galleon, then you can run over to the Ruins of Al’Merayah for another bearer, drink some water, and start following the trail of iron I painted. I never went to farm the iron east of The Arena (south east area of photo) but you can if you don’t mind running a bit far. Watch out for the crocodile boss where a tiny oasis is tucked in, but you can mine the iron without aggroing him. You do need to get past him often but he doens’t chase you far at all. Also watch out for the salamanders that sometimes aggro you. You kill them exact same way as crocodiles, but treat them like archers. Stay within respectable melee range or stay behind cover if you need to get stamina back.

Also there’s some iron behind N’batu’s Pack camp (also marked in red line). N’batu is a good DPS thrall to have and is a guarantees spawn. Don’t try to capture him without a thrall to help you though, he hits HARD.

I agree with the choice you did for the base @Exto .

Another spot I love is E4, just north of Marrowman’s Heigh.

Pro reasons:

1- easy access to the river (water, fish[oil, ichor], alohe) there is a natural path to reach the plateau from the river coast.
2- it’s an area covered by cactus and trees (wood) and stone nodes giving you all building materials you need.
3- HUGE amount of hyenas spawning points, providing you tons of hide, flesh, bones, XP.
4- it’s surrounded by darfari villages, a couple of them with 12-16 peoples, providing you 3 beares spawns (Fleshtearer Falls, Howling plateau, Riverwatch camp) and a lot of t3 thralls to be captured.
5- near to demon blood (Shaleback Hollows)
6- near to brimstone (Sinner’s Refuge)
7- near to crystal (Cavern of fiends)
8- near to iron nodes (in the beginning you may have to go northwest on the road to Sepermeru, when you’ll have elevators it will be easier to reach the huge iron nodes fields around Tower of Bat)
9- low level purge and 100% spawn points for t4 fighters to defend the base.
10- near to obelisk of the Dregs (when you’ll begin to use teleport and use it, maybe you’ll need to build a stairs being the obelisk on top of the dungeon entrance )
11- not so much players even consider the area, so usually you’ll find more space than near other obelisks to build if you love huge bases.
12- at 60 level it’s just the perfect place where to have your base when you raid Unnamed City, wich is also best source for demon blood at mid level if you experienced in combat enough to fight bat demons.


1- there are t4 spawns of fighters in the area and one t4 spawn for other (random) peoples at exiles camp 08 (referred to gamepedia’s map), but that’s all, so it’s far from capitals granting you t4 thralls.
You can raid Summoning Place or Sepermeru with just Rawhide Bindings (I experimented) but to find all t4 thralls you need you’ll be forced to have outposts near other faction capitals.

2- low level purges… well when you reach high level you’re happy human purges with rarest t4 thralls attack you, but exiles/darfari purges have lowest chance to provide them, so an advantage at mid-low levels could be a drawback at high level.


Thanks and that’s a good spot as well. I actually like the little land island with the rivulets flowing through, just south of where you pointed. That area is just beautiful, although you’d need to build an elevator or stairs to get to the spot you are talking about. I think E4’s main advantages are that they are good for early and end game levels. During mid-level it might be a bit tough going due to lack of good T4 thralls in the area but it can be remedied through outposts. At E4 you do get a chance at some rare thralls that people want from Exile camps, such as Oisun the Smith that makes Kambujan Shaman or Grrr Legbiter that makes Hyperborean Slaver. So yes I would choose to settle in the area because of the beauty around the area and proximity to the Obelisk, and simply drop some wheels around main cities such as Sepermeru, NA and Mound. You can skip Black Galleon altogether actually since you already have easy access to the bearers in the area. Overall, very good choice!

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