What are to tips you'd give to new players?

I’ve personally played this game for about 2 months now. But the thing is I’ve always had admin control because I like building. I’ve been thinking about joining a server soon but I don’t know much yet. What are some tips for new players to get used to actually playing?

The first few pieces of advice I give new players on the PvE I’m on are:

  1. People are friendly (at least on our server), we just ask you to respect other people’s elbow room when you build.
  2. When you build, the respawning of resources will be halted within about 30 feet of your base. So try to build on bare earth so as not to deprive yourself and others of valuable resources.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try out all the weapons, because higher level players can easily craft respec potions for you if needed.
  4. Be careful about heading north of the river early on since the sandstorm can and will kill you without either 30 Vitality or a Sandstorm Mask.
  5. If you want to experiment with building rather than consuming valuable in-game resources, load up a game in single player, activate Admin mode from the Settings/Server menu, and use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F10 so that you don’t consume building pieces.
  6. Make and use a hammer so that you can inspect stability, ownership, damage, and especially decay time. Also, be aware of the decay mechanism, and that placing items directly on bare earth will see them decay much more quickly than if they are upon foundations.
  7. If you really enjoy the challenge of exploring and surviving, there’s nothing wrong in declining the enthusiastic aid of higher-level players. Just let them know.
  8. Don’t worry about repaying the generosity of higher level players, simply pay-it-forward when you yourself are high level.

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