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I play on ps4 as well as pc… ps4 I play public server but new to it. So I thought to come here.I played on a server daily. I noticed though every 2 days my wheel of pain and pen both would be gone.Server was pure pve by the way. Sometimes my compose would be gone too. Then there is the sand storms that kill me inside my home this is on pc and ps4. It does not matter sandstone or insulated. Is this normal? What is the point of a house/base if you are safer crouching between rocks during a sandstorm? Also i went to find my server and my server is gone. I was a bit heart broken .Not trying to be a pain or be annoying. I am just trying to get an understanding . I am really sorry if my questions seem stupid .

It sounds like your pen and wheel decayed. You can use a repair hammer to see how much decay time you have. Anything that isn’t close enough to your base, or doesn’t have enough placeables around it is at risk of decay.

Sandstorms can penetrate through windows and some large open bases. During a sandstorm, there is a “shelter” icon on your screen, try to find a spot in your base where this is full to survive the sandstorm. Once you are level 30, you can craft a sandstorm breathing mask which will protect you from the storm as well as noxious gas/poison.

Playing on a private server can be risky, the owner can decide to close it or change it at any time. If official, sometimes those go down too, but they usually come back pretty quick.

Rule of thumb is to place everything on foundations to increase the time it takes to decay. If you do this with everything and connect it all up the can get the max decay time on all.

Yea I don’t use windowed walls I learned that lessen. … That makes sense then I will give the foundation a try Thank you :wink:

thank you will definatly give it a try .I considered it but then I didn’t realize that distance mattered .

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