Is this a bug or do official servers actually erase your base

Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US official server 3520]

I created a base on us official server 3520. I created a base with wheel of pain, all crafting stations, a few thrills, planters, and animal pen. Had tons of stuff I was saving bricks and bars for upgrade stuff. I wasn’t able to get on for a few days because I left town for work. I was on this past Tuesday and it’s Sunday. I log in today and EVERYTHING is gone except 3 of my animals. Is this a bug?

This is the second time this has happened to me on this server except I hadn’t made as much stuff the first time it happened.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.create a character on official us server 3520
2.spend precious time leveling up and farming for materials to create a base
3.have a job that requires you to work for a few days without being able to log on or have other games you want to play
4.come back 5 days later and everything is lost.

It is a seven day decay system on official server. Unless there’s been a change. used to be 14 days during summer. I sure other people will have a more detailed explanation. Good luck.

It sounds like a decay issue. What does your event log say? Was your base made of sandstone?

Like sestus said, decay is 1 week on official servers. You have to visit each base before the decay expires, otherwise “poof”. You can use a repair hammer to check how much time you have until your base decays. Sandstone bases usually have a lower decay unless they’re quite large. The more pieces snapped together, the higher your decay time. If you have a wheel or animal pen that’s not on foundations, the decay time is quite low.

Pets are somewhat attached to decay as well, but not based on proximity. Simply logging into the server will refresh the decay time on your pets and thralls.


Sandstone hits decay in 3 days. It will still be standing, but someone can dismantle it. Go big with top tier mats and you’ll have full timers.

Hello @CheeryBerry, welcome to the forums!

Lower tier, smaller buildings and isolated pieces will decay considerably faster in order to prevent server clutter in the official online servers, and as a precaution you should check their timer with the repair hammer before logging out.

The following video provides further information on this mechanic:


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