Charcoal for the Frozen North

The north needs a better source of fuel. Since there isn’t much coal to go around, maybe make charcoal out of dry wood which would burn 80% of what normal coal would. This would at least make chasing for coal less of a burden. Or maybe even add some coal nodes at the bottom of the volcano, since volcanoes are a great source of mineral!

it really depends on where you are, for example around circle of swords there is plenty of coal and gigatons of iron, you maybe right that in some areas there isnt much coal, but coal isnt good as fuel, i use coal for tar only. oil and dryed wood are superior for burn time. i would suggest you build a base or an outpost near water and start press fish for oil. if you have tons of dryed wood, i would use that over coal

Coal? “charcoal” ? WUT???

Use dry wood or oil from fish. easy renewable. and by default both burns longer.
Wherever you would use coal just use dried tree. dryrack is low level stuff. as well as fishtraps but I know up there there are no ponds. But there are trees. :smiley:

Coal is only good for tar. Put that worthless junk into the fluid press. and you will never ever have bark problem :smiley:

BTW Speaking of the devil… There is absolutely zero coal in the whole jungle area except like 7 veins in silkwood.

there are some nodes at the bay north-east of docks of xel-ha

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Thank you for the information. I might have missed them.

you are welcome, i find it sometime hard to spot coal in the jungle cause of the dark color of stone there