Possible Performance Boost via Removal of In-world Stick/Stones?

A little while ago I was thinking about the micro-stutter and hitches that seem to stem from streaming assets in, and it occurred to me, what if we just got rid of all the small rocks and sticks that can be picked up and in turn have Wood Sources/Standard Boulders supply single stick/stones when punched a few times?

Figure you guys are doing something similar in Sepermeru with asset optimization, so why not the rest of the game :smile:

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This seems like it has potential.

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Nah it’s actually a larger part of a performance problem cross-platform that they’re currently working on, on a smaller scale. This is why The City of Sepermeru and various camps are having their destructibles turned into permanent structures (which in turn means camp assets are permanent and can’t be destroyed to build over).

This would feel like a step backwards to me from a gameplay and immersion standpoint. Punching rocks and trees always seemed just plain weird to me.

“Alright, what’s the first thing you need to do in a survival situation?”

“Punch trees?”

“Yes, very good.”


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Lemme ask you this, how often do you run around picking up sticks and rocks in-game. Immersion or not it’s something you spend a very miniscule amount of time doing because once you get your first stone pick/axe, you’re drowning in sticks, wood, and stones.

Personally, I value the possible performance implications over a very small part of the game you’ll spend maybe 1% of your time doing.

Hey, I never said you couldn’t kick or judo chop them. Also didn’t know about the protection zones, haven’t tried to build near one since alpha and i’ve for the most part been pro-camp preservation.

Used to drive me nuts when people broke the spawns with a building.

Not gonna lie, I still make use of those rocks and various branches even with my Star metal pickaxes. Great way to get JUST branches if you don’t need wood, or extra stone when you run out of big rocks and don’t want to trek a few miles.

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How often do I run around picking up individual sticks and stones:
I’m at level 60 and have been since mid-July … same character … nearly every session I play I pick up sticks, stones and handpick plants as I run though/past them … I run with the “e” key held down so that as my character passes something they can gather it.

I disagree with removing these and only allowing gathering by punching the items … surely punching a rock or tree should damage the player and yield no resources…

It would also impact the ability of new characters to gather sufficient materials to make their first stone weapons as there are sticks on the ground close to where you start but no trees.

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I kind of doubt it.
As for me, it mostly happens in certain spots. Some of them dont even come with much clutter like you mention…

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