Trees and Rocks re-spawning in Player Built Camp sites

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Rocks and Trees have now re-spawned in the Player Built up areas.
This is kinda good, but also A LOT OF BAD.

I now have trees growning up through my Relgious Alters, these are items that can not be moved so it ruins the look and flow of the player camps. It also means you and / or your thralls can not move freely around your own camp to defend it. PLUS IT DESTROYS THE LOOK OF YOUR BUILD. It was totally good before the update in regards to the clearing around built structures, but now its really cramped and not good. Has ruined so many players camp/base builds

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Have you tried chopping the trees down? If you remove them it’s unlikely they will respawn.

Hi LordKAA
I didn’t raise this issue, but i replied on it and was advised it has been flagged as spam and closed ?? Which I don’t understand. BUT anyway, i have the same issue with trees and shrubs growing through two sides of my Mitra Temple. I tried chopping them down, they just re-spawn. I tried placing planters on them with flowers they still looked cool, but that didn’t work either they re-spawned. So I had to build around the temple with I’m not happy about as it looked so much better before.

I have raised a suggestion on the suggestions forum to that perhaps they could apply the same tree/rock clearance parameters that seem to work for normal buildings, and have them applied to Religious Altars and Map Room. But I’m new to these forums and not sure how these posts turn into actions ?


That is strange, what type of server are you on?

Also if you want to make an official report you can find a detailed description of how to do so here;

This issue won’t be high priority, as it isn’t game breaking, but they will rectify it eventually.


Thanks LordKAA
I’m on an Official Oceania Server PvE but seen similar issues on the PvP servers I frequent too.
I think if FUNCOM can adapt my suggestion of letting Altars, Map Rooms, maybe Animal Pens have the same clearance parameters as normal buildings, this would fix this type of thing. Cause I personally like most the trees and Rocks that have now respawned, just not the ones right through my actual build object lol.

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This issue is happening on an unofficial PS4 server that I play, it doesn’t seem to be linked to what type of building/building piece is placed, I have rocks, trees and shrubs respawning across my base, I removed them but they respawn, I destroy the building pieces and replace them with the same or different pieces but they also respawn.

Same issue on PS4 PVP but has not interfered with anything thankfully trees showing up in my animal pen building but looks kinda nice so said what odds LoL and a little section of Iron. :man_shrugging:

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