There are now bushes growing in places they didn't before


As the title says. Coming back into game after some break, I noticed bushes growing all around in our base that weren’t there before, sometimes clipping through placed objects.

What changed? Is there at least some way to block these bushes from spawning?

hey there , this change was introduced with the reduction of area of effect of base despawning things around them , to block things from spawning you can build a fundation over it , but it’s something 99% of the playerbase have been asking because of the fact that building over a cave would make all the content (npcs ect… ) not respawing , and it is now easier to include a tree to decorate your base ect … play around the wildlife :wink:


As of 2.1 they reset the plants and rocks back to the original settings.
Our base has been up since day one of CE, everything around the base has been gone for years.
Well as of 2.1
There back.


Alright, thanks for the reply guys. I guess, as @Kanza1 said, we’ll gonna have to play around the wildlife :fearful:

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It will be nice to keep the trees deforestation can ruin the reason for building in a particular area.

Foundations, Foundation fences (PC user will have to check what despawns still)

On consoles, I use Foundation Fences (which can be put really low into ground) to despawn stuff near by.

Few of placeables despawn stuff to. I think alot of people just enjoyed low land claim radius.
I do myself, I hated barren wasteland after building a home.

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