Please reduce the despawn radius of buildings

Even a reduction of 20% (from 10 foundation lengths to 8) would be a great improvement in quality of life.


Agree with this. Resource trapping has become less of an issue, due to the map size increase. People haven’t been walling off resources, and when they have been it has only been a minor strategic inconvenience.

Reducing the despawn radius would enable some more advanced resource-gathering builds. Mines to surround a quarry, or an iron node. Cabins in the middle of dense woods… Lots of great possibilities are opened when the despawn radius is decreased.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the despawn radius currently linked directly to the size of a structure’s land claim?

It may be the same, or the land claim might be a little bigger. I will try to find out.

Yeah it would be nice if the despawn radius was even closer, like 5 foundations. I like to build in forested areas which despawns a lot of trees, which I more prefer for aesthetics because trees make the area around my towers look nice xD


The new farming system of CE will make it possible to plant trees and other plants just for immersion and ofcourse for farming

Agreed! I would lower it even further - that “land already claimed” is annoying. Want to build something big? Start with foundations before anyone gets to mess up with your plans. 5 foundations range is more than enough to be able to finish any building. And it will require alot more effort from the buggers who spam single foundations blocks too (half the range is quarter the coverage).

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Farming will allow trees? I didn’t know that I figured it was only the plants like Aloe or Asura’s Glory and stuff.

I am sure it will allow trees but don’t be cross with me when I am not right. Therefore I will allow you to raid one of my bases which I will build around yours, cutting you off from any materials :smiling_imp:

I have to agree with the OP, the de-spawning of trees really break the immersion. [just as the plants which won’t de-spawn correctly after login…] I remember, that I’ve built a base in the nort, and I get close to some trees. I built a wall around them, so it formed a nice little garden. I was surprised that the trees did NOT de-spawned upon re-log, and was afraid to cut them down. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, it would be great if the trees could stay even near the buildings, and would be checked based on collisions. Maybe the ‘owner’ of the land could mark trees they would like to see stay there…

There are other issues as the building itself could be wider than the initial foundation group, etc. Not trivial, not high prio, but it would be really nice to see this happening one day.


This is a server setting. It also affects how close other players can build to your base.

Where is the server setting that affects how close other players can build? How would one adjust the setting to achieve a smaller radius (reducing the despawn radius)?

It is highly not recommended to do this.

It is the LandClaimRadius setting. the smaller the number, the closer thing will spawn to your base. You can find it in the ServerSettings.ini file.

In the SP game it is located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

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Thank you for the informational reply. I see that you say:

I’m curious as to why not reduce the LandClaimRadius setting? What undesired effects could happen as a result?

The closer tress and resources spawn to your base, the closer other players can build to your base. In the SP game this really does not matter. In the MP game, it can be a game changer.

I wish the LandClaimRadius setting only affected how near/far other players could build. Not deforest the whole area! If I build a cabin in the woods… I want to have a cabin in the woods! I understand if there needs to be a two foundation radius around the house because you dont want a tree sprawling up your furnace… but come on… 10 foundation radius is ridiculous!

All Hail The Grim Gray God!

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Eh? Have been more things been leaked than what we can craft right now? (Those decoration plants.)
I would love to be able and use some banana-trees to spruce my/our base up. :heart_eyes:
banana trees=those plant fiber “trees”

But I wont start about other ideas for farming… Probably too many. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont really think that will be changed. And I dont think that needs to be changed, if Funcom could implement fake trees (look exactly like original ones, without pots, not allowed on foundations, and give collision as well) to place them just like other decoration around our houses. That way we could stick to whatever kind of place we might want to have.
Like build a small villiage with fake mines as well. Or said hut in a wood.
Eighter we should get the seeds/seedlings for those from the different plants and trees.
Yes, including bushes -> also fake versions with current seeds, creating a flower garden or simply some wild garden, as trees only might look too artificial -> idea for recipe: 1-5 seeds + 10 fertilizer + raw ash + silver dust or demon blood or those maproom-stones. (to let them stay as artificial ones)

Eh… didnt I say I didnt want to go on about ideas? Crap.

I enjoy building in idyllic locations within spawned flora as well. You may already know this and cannot use it because you do not play local or on official or private server in which you are not an admin. However, if you do have the ability to access and manipulate the serversettings.ini file, you can adjust this. I’ve pasted the setting I use below.


I’ve used 0.100000 with no apparent issues as well. You may want to experiment. If you play on a private server, it may not hurt to ask an admin about it. However, when I had this low setting on my private server, I did have to make it known in rules and MoTD and still spend a bit of time here and there dealing with those that would build against other’s build areas. I keep this setting always on my local game and when I start a private server again post launch, I will still use this low setting. I love it.

EDIT: Ugh. How am I not seeing all of these additional posts in threads before I reply? I had to delete a novel of a post in a thread earlier (which is probably better for the majority of post readers anyway). I am scrolling and reading, but not seeing a slew of posts until after I post. I even refresh the Funcom Forums page before I begin a reading/posting session. Is there a known issue with forums and Chrome? And pardon the slight derail.

Well the problem with people spamming single foundation blocks is more or less solved now with the decay system. It is actually a great solution.
The reason it cannot be super close in MP official server is that people will build jumping platforms to get around your anticlimbing methods. Well of course nowadays they can just bare fist through your reinforced walls but that is another matter…

This is one of of those things that shouldn’t be mess with. In single player games, this setting can be good but in a MP private server it’s a pain or official servers is a server killer. Changing this setting allows other to build right next to you, in other cases to build right next or on top of POI’s causing respawn issues and also allows people to wall off places with less effort. On a pvp server this is a minor inconvenience but on a PVE server, well… Private pve server an admin can fix this issues but on an official server with no admins, good luck.