Reduce despawn area for buildings!

Why the resource/creature despawn radius is so huge? Why some resources (like some plants used to create dyes) despawn even further away from foundations? Im also pretty sure some structures (like pillars) have a even larger despawn radius than square foundations (needs testing)… honestly, I cant understand the reason, it only limits our building creativity and work.

We cant keep trees/rocks close to our bases/houses. We despawn all resources trying to create basic outter defenses, like a wall, or simply adding a pillar or two to build wood fences (to prevent them from decay) to create a small garden, etc…

Structures should have a MUCH smaller despawn range, or at least allow us to choose the size of the despawn range interacting with the foundations.


LandClaimRadiusMultiplier. This is adjustable in the Server settings.ini (PC), or via the in game slider if you are an admin (private server or single player).

Vanilla servers it’s for balance reasons as far as I know.


Im not sure if despawn radius is linked to the land claim. I wouldnt want to touch the land claim, what I think should change is the animals/natural resources despawn range on foundations.

It is linked to land claim.

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I cant tell for sure, maybe it is linked to a certain percentage of the claimed land, but its definitely not the same. The despawn range is smaller than claimed land. I know this because I was careful enough to keep a huge forest, rocks and fiber around my base, building just a few strategic foundations/pillars to the surrounding area (to keep everything claimed) but doing minimum damage to the resources/landscape.

:thinking: It would be nice to keep resources nearby or in your base when you build, like a nice palm tree in the courtyard or a garden of flowers or a tiny iron mine. Sucks when you build walls round your base and the stuff you were hoping to contain/keep takes a hike.

I would like to play on a server where the despawn area for buildings was anything not under what I am building. So right out the front door iron for the lazy [I like to bang off my shoes before entering my home dang it!]. You build on or near water it doesn’t move or despawn, but that pile of stone gets the flock out and that forest takes a walk!

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would like to see while you are placing building pieces or other place-ables, what is going to disappear so you can place outside the resource area. So for example: you are placing a foundation and a group of rocks light up red nearby and a bunch of trees as well as plant fibers nodes.


The game is beautifull, you find a nice spot, and build. all nearby nature is gone.

(5 to 10 blocks distance will destroy all)

Find a solution to that problem please.

This is way more important for us ( devoted builders) then creators realise.


I played on a server like that. It was mostly set that way so palm trees would still pop up in a tavern/village area.

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Set land claim to .25 or .15, and solved. Though obviously you can only do so if you have control over the server, but the existing feature you ask for already exists.

And to add to what Multigun said if you set landclaimradius=0.010000 then things ONLY disappear for the radius of the foundation. This way you can have your rocks and trees right up to the edge of your build. Enjoy

If I remember correctly setting land claim radius to such a small amount used to cause issues with building. Is this no longer the case?

Im talking about official servers and not a radius would dissolve this problem as we did that in EA and indeed the stuff spawned indoors.

Make (placeables)crafted trees ,make them for instance a pillar(but no snap to other builditems) low cost , all species. Those trees should be transparant to navigation. (so no blocking possibilities) and have like 2-4 (pillarwide) claims.
Torches could be used also for smaller trees.

serverperfomance could be an issue with it, as all large amounts of pieces do, thats devwork, dunno.

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I’ve had zero issues on our dedi if you remove any harvest-able items before you place foundations.

THIS is the solution. You can get a nice result by setting this value to 0.1. Set it lower and the resources spawns inside structures.

Yes, but as been said above… that only goes when you have servercontrol.

That’s right but the statement of @Asteria implies that they seem to have control over the server settings on their server:

If not, then there’s no other way at the moment and I support this suggestion.

I made this topic and another other asking for visual tools to see structures influence zone and both have received a lot comments, we have seen very few improvements on the building mechanics (just new structures) but the building system itself has not changed since launch. Problems like despawn radius and impossibility to see how much we are effecting the land have been present since launch.

The system is not even intuitive, new player are not familiar with the building despawn range and its quite common see structures being placed right next to rich resources areas, killing them for good.

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Despawn radius and land claim radius should be treated as a different setting, Funcom needs to address this in the future (but it should not be possible have a despawn area larger than your own claimed land radius).

Even if they are linked together they are not exactly the same value. I managed to keep a small forest inside my base range (between my house and outter wall) carefully placing foundations close enough to keep all land claimed but not messing with most respawns… What I learned is that the despawn range IS smaller than the claimed land, so I played around this until I managed to fill all land claimed gap, but keeping several trees/bushes and rocks intact.

So no matter how Funcom has this implemented, it should still be possible reduce the impact on resource/animals respawn changing a thing or two in their code… Please consider this!

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yeah the animal despawns are crazy too. You literally have no idea what will disappear when you build until later on when nothing is around! “Hey, where did all the hyenas go? There used to be a bunch right here in this area.”

Until you play on a new server you don’t realize how many crocs for example that were in the area that you built on another server. Having a visible radius will help out so much as nature can “stay put”. So many people build in the water to avoid “taking out” nature, as not much is in the water and the water doesn’t despawn!

@Asteria I agree that there should be 2 settings one for despawn(nature control) and one for land claim(building control). I would suggest a bright white circle [like the white used right before you place a building piece] that radiates from the player when placing the first building piece and from there you should see anyone else’s land claim as red if visible depending on settings. Also despawn of resources and spawns should only light up red if you are trying to build to close, again based on settings. It would be nice to build around all the resources including animals without loosing the games content as much as possible. I mean thrall camps have ironstone nodes, trees and stone right in the camp!

It’s like when funcom started laying out the game they had a clear vision of how everything would/should work and when Early Access came out they left that behind to just hurry and get most of the game done! I also think because they didn’t take their time with things we will never have mounts and other things.

My 2 cents…

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On one side, we have people saying they want palm trees inside their bases. On the other, we have people complaining about palm trees in their bases. It’s a no win situation for the developers.