Reduce despawn area for buildings!


Server setting is the answer for it all, add options. Put something over that tree if you don’t want to see it. A barrel or one of the other placeables maybe, but settings are the way to go. No despawn vs. despawn.


Not exactly, right now the settings gives us only one choice. Everything despawns in a huge radius, nothing to do about it. But if the radius was smaller people could play around and manage to keep natural resources alive, even create a personal garden for the looks.

If someone doesnt like resources growing nearby (I dont think such player exist, the game is built around gathering resources all the time) they can go ahead and place a foundation, a pillar, etc… next to the trees, ores and rocks and despawn everything around their bases…


Arguably it’s easy enough now to block resource access but smaller despawn radius would further enable this.


No matter one’s personal preference in despawn radius, I’d imagine we can all agree that a way to visualize what will despawn while building would be very helpful right?

Example: I have some iron not too far from my base. I want to extend my “outer wall” but I don’t dare because I’m afraid it’ll despawn the iron. I could of course just experiment, but since I don’t know if or when the iron nodes will start spawning again after I kill it, that’s a very slow process.

I further suggest that we’d be able to see nodes that were already harvested / despawned while doing this, something like:
Red: Will not respawn
Yellow: Will respawn (but is currently harvested)
Green: Will continue to spawn

I’m not sure if it could be abused, though I’m sure someone, somewhere, would find a way of abusing it.

Then again I’d also like to be able to gauge my land claim, so I can make sure I didn’t accidentally leave room for someone’s tower in the middle of my base or some stupid thing like that. I don’t try to prevent people coming in, and my gates are always open so people can run through if they for some reason find themselves inside “my” (modest) perimeter.

PVE server, if it wasn’t abundantly obvious from the above.


Thats so true, many players have no issues with nearby neighbors or people using resources inside our wall defences, griefing is always the problem and this game has a big potential for that. Almost every player has asked their friends to check their base limits, so they are not surprised by some hate building in the middle of their bases or wake up the morning after just to find out someone boxed their house in.


Again Server Setting is the way to go. Some people want vanilla while others would like some form of mods. Official servers wouldn’t have this most likely, but private servers will. If you don’t want anything to do with this setting, just change servers to one without or talk to your server admin.

It’s called land claim so if you are the first to claim an area and want all the resources for yourself then you should spend tons of resources walling it in. That’s how it should work! I’m sure a lot of folks just want resources for their own and are not trying to take things from other players, it’s just assumed that they are! I think it’s more annoying currently when they build on top of resources that no one gets whether intentional or not, but still that could be a server setting!

I Agree!


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