Building despawn area is too large

I think the despawn area caused by building is -unnecessary- large, it limits building creativity and destroy usable resources. We dont get a choice right now, the moment you place a foundation everything dies in a huge radius, if things were different players would not destroy that much resources and be able to create magnificent buildings also using nearby nature elements to make them prettier.


There’s a server setting already for that for priavte servers and single player.

If you are talking about official servers, landclaim is also used to prevent players from building to close to each other. Reducing land claim to allow resources to spawn closer will also impact players being able to troll each other easier. Very unlikely to see that changed on official serves.


Maybe there could be an option to reduce land claim when placing foundations? Players can weigh the risk and decide for themselves how much of the surrounding resources to destroy for their own security.

I dont think the game treats Despawn area and claimed area are the same, the first is much smaller than the second, they probably have two different settings. Natural resources still spawn inside claimed area, just not close to buildings that claim area.

It’s the same. The serversetting for it has existed for years. LandClaimRadiusMultiplier.


IME, the despawn radius on Officials is about a 5 foundations (about a 2-second sprint) whereas the landclaim radius is about… 10 foundations give or take. It’s possible to use this strategically to prevent others from building over resources you want to preserve if you do it right.

Unfortunately, as @Multigun stated, these distances are indeed linked to the same exact setting. Thus decreasing that radius not only allows resources to spawn closer to your base, but it also shrinks your bubble of protection against others as well, and vice versa.

I do agree that it would be nice if server admins could tweak these values individually though. I for one would decrease the despawn radius (to preserve resources and scenery) while increasing landclaim (so folks stay out of range of each other’s purges).


Mmm… then it appears the despawn range is about 50% land claim range. Even if they are linked to the same base settings they seem to be relative, one is half the other. It would be great if they would change the despawn range value to 25% land claim, rather than 50%. That would make the Exiles land a little more green! :slight_smile:


I agree with both Multigun and Larathiel, if it’s not a massive coding issue then these two distances should be separated on admin panels. I’d set the minimum despawn radius to 2 meters though just to prevent certain things from actually popping up in your base. While we’re on this, buildings should also wipe the grass pieces of environment from popping up underneath. The foundations are extremely solid it makes no sense that these can pop up through it.


I hate grass that stays in your foundations when all your palm trees disappear from sight. I need to change that radius on my server thanks for the tip.

2 Likes self I believe that setting has to be done when setting up server from start or after a wipe.

@Multigun can you please ss the menu for the landclaim radius, I can’t find it.

Console users can not change it once a game is started. Only when creating the world. =(

PC users can Admin ~ command it still I think. (or change UI file)

.33 is about 3 foundations, .25 is abit shorter. (I use .33 myself) Close enough to tree, so leaves almost touch my houses, but don’t despawn.

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Sadly enough I can’t find this in my pc settings. It’s not in any of the menus

It wont be once game is started. (I know you can open Ui setting file, and edit it, or could)

trying find other topic on it. =/

SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString]
Out of anything, I’m on ps4, just trying remember old topic on this. XD

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I remember seeing it on my gportal ps4 server site. Didn’t mess with it believe I will next time I have a reason to wipe the server. Maybe new MAP DLC!!!

It’s in the ServerSettings.ini file. It’s not a setting in the GUI.

Is it something that has to be set only in the beginning? I play the pc version and clicked admin settings and it’s not available.

I changed it on my PC server well after play had already begun without needing to reset the database.

To do so, it was necessary to shutdown the server, and manually modify the ServerSettings.ini file. The line you’re looking for is:


When I’d left it at the default value of 1.0, I noticed that things were being despawned in a much greater radius than they were on Official servers. Setting it to 0.5 restored the despawn to the 5-foundation radius that my players were accustomed to.

Wait a minute, changing this value changed only the despawn radius, leaving the land claim range the same?

No, it changed both, like Multigun said it would.