Reduce land claim size

There are people clear on the other side of a mountain from where i want to build…the other side of a MOUNTAIN. They’re land claim reaches through and over to the other side, somewhere they have no intentions of building. But it’s now keeping me from building. Reduce the land claim size theres no reason for it to be that huge. Someone built at the base of a mountain shouldnt hinder someone built at the top…out of render distance…nor should it hinder someone on the Other side of a mountain for that fact

What if the claim feature would instead work in a closer fashion to how the spread of zerg foundation infestation works in StarCraft? Spread radius could be block specific and gradually grows in time thorough performance quality?

The land claim is 7 foundations radius wich is not so that long if you ask me, in general.

The real problem is the claim works in straight line, ignoring land morphology.

So in plains it seems to be smaller than required and in mountains like the one you’re speaking about it’s too big instead. :wink:

But I think it could be a lot of work for the server to calculate the land claimed in a more “wise” way.

Assuming the radius wherein resources are despawned remained the same, in PvE, I’d actually prefer land claim size to be bigger. This would mean it would make it easier to protect resources around our bases (i.e. resources nodes outside the despawn radius, inside land claim are safe), while also keeping others from building right on top of us.

Nothing worse than someone trying to build right up against you, especially with the Purge as glitched as it is.

People speak about the land claim as if it was something separate from the actual foundations. Do you have a flag or something to claim land or how is it done? I play solo-coop and started to just build so I didn’t sense any restrictions.

Oh my… Ouch. :sweat_smile:

I know it’s not an ideal solution for people who play on officials, but I always try to advocate people to make the server settings to the minimum value for landclaim radius. I can’t remember how many units it reduces it to exactly but it’s the visual equivalent of having it go from around 20 feet to 5 feet. If you use it on a server with pvp enabled there’s the obvious risk of people building trebuchets closer (though it makes it easier to sally forth out to their siege camp) but it does greatly reduce the risk of unintentionally despawning resources and trees will be closer.

That’s irrelevant, the risk, if the claim is 5 feets, is to login to discover yourself and your base buried alive in an enemy base :unamused:

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