Tweak to landclaim by type

On officials, maybe a way to get rid of the cheap spider webs and land dotting being built is to change the radius for land claim on tiers. I know people like to build in it for cosmetic reasons. But for a majority of officials, the problem lies in that you get the same claim radius for less work.
And for place-ables, claim radius should be as low as possible, and altars should have to be built on foundations (because their radius is needed to space altars apart from each other).
T1—2 foundations
T2—10 foundations
T3—20 foundations.

I think this would make people at least build outer walls with T3 to claim their land.


Oh man, yeah it would be nice not having to dot the landspace around my base with BS just to ensure no one builds over resources and such. The only pitfall I see is that I worry it would make it easier for griefers to claim huge swaths of the map much more easily, because if you’re committed to doing something like that, why would you let needing T3 stop you?

Still, this sounds like a dream come true for people who just want to keep their bases nice-looking though…


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