Land claiming issue

I have a kind a big base surrounded by foundation as walls. But someone building a base and trying to surround me with a wall. I can’t even expand myself but he is building so close to me. What is this? How is this possible?
I’m playing on #6433

Honestly your best bet is to try to talk and reason with them. If that fails you’re down to screenshots and video footage and reporting them which may or may not yield results and it won’t happen quickly. Good luck mate.

If it comes to reporting said player, go here:

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It’s like Russian guys trying to dominate the server so other player leave but it’s quite annoying that I can’t snap a foundation to my foundation but he is coming closer to me… What is the land claming radius really?

Do you mean the distance between two claims?

I think it’s around 8 - 10 square foundation blocks in distance at minimum.

Yes. When I put a foundation how many square will be claim as mine. So as you say it’s 8-10

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