Please Increase Building Distance!

I love building in this game, its great! But its hugely flawed and easily exploitable by trolls! It shouldn’t be possible for one person/clan to have the ability to build literally 3-5 footsteps away from someone elses base/structures! This allows them the ability to completely cut off the owner’s access to their own base! …WHY!!! why would u even allow this? is this an over sight?


I agree, map needs to be divided into grids, one square is say, 100 grids.

Also the Ownership of a block now is lame its to soft. Like maybe u dont want a tree in the middle of your build.

Increasing the land claim radius would just have you back here complaining that there was no place left to build.

My suggestion (for Siptah). Design your base early so you know where you will want to expand to later, and have that land already claimed. Also, include a bridge, a mountain, or a road in your base design. The longer a base becomes, the more difficult it is to wall in. With resource spawns not being blocked by foundations being near them, a small pathway leading from your base to the closest stream, a long flight of stairs up or down the mountain, a bridge across the lake… will make sure your base is not the base the troll chooses to wall in.

Don’t feed the trolls, and they won’t have a reason to aggro you. If they do build near you, and you planned out your base accordingly… it should not be a big deal. Learn to share, be polite, communicate, I know it can suck to see a new cube structure, or some ugly mess sprout up near your lovely base. But consider that it might be a legit kid that’s derping around. Or maybe some old guy with no artistic skill/care.

Funcom did announce a new, more strict policy toward trolls/walls/structure spam. If you read through that post, and follow the directions… I can assure you from personal experience. They will ban players that meet their criteria. I have seen two people banned, both for walling in other players.

But yea, I am all for improving game mechanics. I don’t think increasing land claim size is the way to go though.


The BIG problem on the PVE server I play on is one clan placing foundations everywhere just to be a**h****. They think they are funny and than when they get reported and the foundations and or their bass destroyed by game dev’s they cry like little babies blaming everyone but themselves. I’m hoping Funcom at some point brings game masters in to play for quicker response time and problem solving.

I would absolutely support a “fast travel” GM report system. A simple “Tag a problem/location” with an in game feature and then ./wait for it to be fixed. If you abuse the system, you get punished. GM’s just spend their day loading into servers, teleporting to troubled locations, and then addressing any issues.

If you are PvE it probably would of been a good idea to stake your land claim with some temporary blocks.

If you PvP, know this. The Romans would march up to your gates, build a little town for the legions and also build a wall around you. There was an instance where they built a town, built a wall around you and then another wall between the Legion and the outside because they were expecting another enemy army to arrive. They won that fight.

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