New rules are good but not clear on one thing

How is it when a clan have build a bace all over the map and walls links all over, mostly so you can climbe over and so.

And how big bace is to big? When is the land clame to mutch?

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In my personal opinion you need one big main base and maybe around 7 outposts each big enough to put a wheel of pain, well, cooking fire, bed, and chests … now if a clan builds a huge base that’s extends all over the map blocking main passes where players travel well basically they build with everything connected like they own the map that would be a no no for me … in my opinion players do that because they don’t want to run around and reset decay timers to all bases like what I need to do but these players are not thinking or don’t care that they are being inconsiderate towards others

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Sadly, people often use the officials as their own singleplayer/co-op worlds with very little consideration for others. Luckily, there are a lot of low population official servers to choose from. One reason for me to move to private servers, many of which have building restrictions, was that I was very annoyed by how overbuilt “my” official server was with a handful of people having multiple grids claimed while just logging in to refresh.

While this is not against the rules (as long as their builds are not crashing the server), I personally believe that this is a design flaw. However, I am not sure how realistic is to expect a new claim system to be introduced or a building limitation without wiping the servers and starting clean.


Well, there are no building restrictions when it comes to playing the game, so a clan can build however many bases they want to. They might be in use, they might be decoys, they might be wheel bases…don’t matter. I see you tagged PVE, so there isn’t much you can do about it either. One of the last joys we have in Conan is being able to freely build whatever we want without limits, as was promised by Funcom. However, blocking and spam on PVE is an issue, and since there is no in game way to remove it, you can now report it to Funcom - if - its spam that is blocking resources, content etc.

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@Nemisis I agree with you on this (:slight_smile:

Just by building several big bases whit linking walls and chains off one levels sandstone links you block alot off resourses and make it hard to acces areas even if doores are open or you are able to walk around. Or if other Clans have to counter build to keep area open is Another thing.

Wher is the limit and when is it to big/ to mutch land clame.

It is a problem when old Clans slowely expads for 2 years or more, not mutch more to do then new buildprogects and noting that can bring stuff down as in pvp servers.

And they also say dont report small stuffs, but when is it big stuff?

Well, there’s not a set number because different areas in the environment would require different needs. This is basically a type of “fallacy of the beard” issue; how many hairs does one need before facial hair becomes declared a “beard”? Well, you may not know the exact number of hairs, but you can certainly tell when someone has a “beard.”

Likewise, there’s not a set number of foundations that makes a base “too big” nor land claim “too much” but is should be obvious when a base or land claim is well-beyond what is necessary or required to be sufficient.

And fortunately, Funcom requires players to submit “proof” (screenshots) and then investigates the claims prior to taking action. They don’t just take one player’s word for it.

If its just a big base and isn’t blocking resources or gameplay functions, then I’d say its just a “big base.” But when a “big base” is blocking others from playing the game (such as blocking a dungeon, or keeping players from accessing the Lemurian Stones, or closing off sections of the map, and so forth), then its too much. You can check the rules sections for examples of the rules for player behavior.


Well, for PVE servers, there really isn’t anything you can do. People that connect buildings and bases together again, isn’t against the rules. PVE is meant really to build and enjoy the content, and if that means connecting your bases with a walkway, you are free to.

The only line I could see, is if someone has just a bunch of foundations that do absolutely nothing but block things. Example, foundations in the brimstone lake, blocking content like caves/bosses etc. A walkway does not count as ‘spam’.

In other words, unless its blocking content, you have to live with it.

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No im not gona do anything, just intresting wher the line is.

but a linked line of blocks from mapend to mapend do the same effect as singel block spred out. So if i build a road one level and 3 vide is safe?

[quote=“Strider5599, post:2, topic:115253, full:true”]
In my personal opinion you need one big main base and maybe around 7 outposts each big enough to put a wheel of pain, well, cooking fire, bed, and chests … [/quote]

In my personal opinion, you don’t need 7 outposts. You don’t need any outposts at all. You may want them, but you definitely don’t need them.
Unless your purpose in the game is to collect all thralls in existance. But not even then. I have only tamed a handful of thralls myself. Now I have chests full of thralls from trading with other players, and from scavenging decayed bases.


Exept from the armor smith, Thos we have to colect them all to make!

i used to play on an offical server where a guild created roads conecting every obelisk and important part of the game, it was usefull but it take out part of the surviveability of the game. It was also kind off annoying because they invaded with it many places that where no longer possible to build in.

In my opinion, nobody needs that, a single base and a couple outpost should be enough for 1 person.


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