Remove foundations stopping respawns in Offline play

This was created to stop people from getting an advantage by placing the buildings near or on top of resource nodes and respawns. But in offline play all it does is restrict where people can build. Please add an offline setting so foundations wont stop respawn at all.

I second this idea.
I’d be lovely to build in such a way that Elk Kings spawn directly onto my campfire and cook themselves.

Might I recommend setting the landclaim radius to minimum? The despawn around your building at 0.25 is equal to roughly 5 feet.

If you honestly need your resources closer than that, I have no idea what to say to you.

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Considering this option doesn’t exist in the in-game settings (as far as I can tell), I wouldn’t expect most players to know how to do this.

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ServerSettings.ini


If you use 0.1, resources can respawn even if they are touching a foundation of yours.
Do ‘not’ use absolute 0, that causes your land claim to be infinite and will wipe resources from the map after you relog.

Unfortunately, I can neither set my land claim block or change my ini file for I play on a console. If there was any way I could have changed this “feature” without bothering the good people of the forum or funcom i would have tried it. Thank you for trying. I wished I could use either of your suggestion.

Oh that’s unfortunate.
They should add it to the in-game settings for PC as well as consoles. As it is, most people wouldn’t know how to change it on PC.

It does. You have to make yourself admin (if you’ve already started the game), but seeing as it’s for offline it shouldn’t matter anyway. It’s in the server settings but I can’t remember exactly which subgroup.

Edit: just checked - should be in the ‘Harvesting’ group. It’s also why I say the minimum value is 0.25 as that’s the lowest the slider will go. Obviously if you’re doing by ini editing you can go lower.

Edit 2: I don’t want to come off as some ‘things people should already know’ guy - but please, look through all the server settings before starting an offline game. A lot of stuff can be circumvented if you just take the time to set up your game properly to your liking.

Can you post a screenshot? I checked all settings three times. I do not see it.
I could just be blind.

I just checked and I guess it’s only available when you set up the game. Which would make sense as I imagine changing a value like that while it’s actively running would cause a lot of problems.

So, I guess the lesson to be learned is always look at the custom settings when starting an offline game?

EDIT - this is where it is in the settings for when you start a new game. Also - I hope you realize that I just sacrificed my singleplayer game for this screenshot.


Considering the default value appears to be 0.25, I wouldn’t say that.
It also seems like a design flaw to me. It should be available after starting the game. I highly doubt changing it mid-game would have any adverse effects.

Default value is 1.0 (roughly 20 feet) - I’m a ■■■■■■■■■ who enjoys 1x gathering rates.

Mine said 0.25 when I went to start a new game. It’s strange that it wouldn’t default to the default.
More design flaws!

Settings persist between starting new games - if your previous game was on the ‘civilized’ settings, those will show up in the custom menu. I’m guessing that if you had it set to something lower in the .ini and then started a new game it would revert to the lowest setting in the menu.

If that were true then the thrall crafting timer would have not be 1.0 and decay would have been off.
Settings do not seem to persist.

That’s odd since all my settings always carry over.

That is odd indeed.

They should still have the land radius setting accessible after starting a game, there’s no reason not to.
If for some reason it would cause problems changing it mid-game, they could simply have it applied after a relog.

I tested settings being carried over a bit. It looks like only ‘some’ things get reset, such as “disable building abandonment”. Since I had almost everything on default settings, I only had a couple things to look at to see if they were carried over, but those had been reset. After changing values on other things, I see that most do persist.

Now that you mention it, I guess I glossed over the building abandonment not carrying over if you disable it. I reset my single player game so often to test a bunch of different things that turning it off has become involuntary habit.