Landclaimradius Setting is broken

Platform: PC
Game mode: Dedicated Live Server
Version: 9xxxx/1xxxx
Problem: Bug

Hi there,
on my PVE rented Server, we set the Landclaimradius=0.2
Before the combat update this was totally fine and ok. Ressources respawned normally. no matter if next to the buildings OR if you build on a mountain ledge, the resources would still spawn on the ground!

But since the update we could witness that it is totally ignored the server settings, set in the config -> serversetting.ini

Especially for high active servers this is an issue as so all the new worldmap bosses, have their spawn points easily destroyed AND… ressources get destroyed even though they shouldn’t. WoP are placed with a giantic area of empty land between them. Bases on Walls or mountain ledges destroying everything above, beneath and next to them.

Repro steps:
1.Set Landclaimradius=0.2 in config- > serversettings.ini
2.Start your dedicated server and build with two different people or close to ressources next to you or beneath you ( like above the cave with the giant croc near mek-amoses tower)
3. restart the server and watch how all ressources got lost in the default range of a vanilla landclaimradius of 1.0

have you altered the server settings using the in game admin panel?

as someone who ran an ark server before i noticed sometimes the game settings get switched back to default in game vs whats on the ini file so maybe try using the ingame admin codes to switch it and see if that helps ;p

i always edit the config directly over ftp when the server is in ftp mode only. to prevent any issues on that.

just figured id offer the idea as i had a similar problem on an ark server where the trees plants etc were all disappearing near bases even though the ini file was set so it wouldnt happen. i had to log into the game on the server and mess with admin codes to get it straight then…

There might be an issue between the setting you put in and what the game itself will allow. Lately I’ve noticed that the minimum value in the server settings menu is 0.25 - I don’t know if manually putting in something that is lower than that would be a problem or not but it’s something to think on.

I can say that .2 was working on TestLive local game as of early this morning. I am not currently running a server (and will not until a bit after launch) to test it, but .2 is the setting I most commonly used on my server except for a stint in which I used .1 seven or eight months ago.

I have also noticed, at least on a local game, some ini settings that are lower than what the slider allows, occasionally get forced up to the lowest slider setting even while I am playing. Particularly troublesome are ItemSpoilRateScale, FuelBurnTimeMultiplier and ItemConvertionMultiplier. I have to change them back manually with console commands a few times a day.

I truly hope what you’ve listed is a bug and not now disabled by design.

By the way, if you run a GetAllServerSettings in the console, does the value reflect what you have in your ini or is it changing like what I mentioned?


in the lower third of the setting list

but it is not acting like that on the server…
as you can see… the ressources and boss respawn got destroyed even though it should not affect it that much

and the wop issue… since with the buildings only acting like landclain is on default, it looks like this on every city

the server setting ingame in the config looking the same, but the server ignores reading it.
It is like i didn’t even add it. And that is for me, a broken server setting or a bug in the buildingpieces/ placables.

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Yes, I see. It is clearly there in the list and should be what is being actively used by the game.

Most definitely. I completely agree.

I am glad you caught and reported this. It is rather an important setting for me and I’m fairly certain quite a few others.

For my own curiosity, when the setting was working for you, was it effective vertically as well? For example, I previously stated to you that the setting was working correctly in my local TestLive game considering the resource nodes were all respawning in close horizontal proximity to my buildings and placeables such as temples and WoPs.

However, I built a temporary “sidewalk” of foundations leading from an elevator along a path fairly high above the tunnel north of the Arena that transitions between the eastern and central river areas. The resource nodes well below it do not respawn. I would really love to learn that the LandClaimRadiusMultiplier server setting is supposed to work vertically as well.

different spot, somewhat similar base building… my old base before we had to wipe due to the combat update

as you can see on the ground, there are lots of stones and bushes that you can still pick up and gather… so yeah… it worked back then

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Very cool. Let’s hope the issue is resolved soon!

Wait a sec, that spot where your base is over the little alcove where that boss croc hangs out now - that would have been wiped out regardless. Landclaim extends straight up and down along the z-axis. The claim radius itself is only for x/y coords (or at least it was, but they would have probably mentioned if they changed that).