Guide or Document on Building and Spawns?

Specifically, something that details the area of affect around placed building components.

This is determined by the landclaimradius setting in the game. As for each item, it depends on the size and shape of the item as to how it interacts with the items around it.

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Thanks for the reply. But, that much I already know. I am looking for actual details regarding those points.

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When I tested with my base at the default setting, it is about a 100+ meter (about 50 foundations) from the placed item. I have not checked this recently since I do have my setting set below the default value. This brings the normal spawns for resources and mobs closer to my base.

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i usually run with a claim radius of .5 because i like to have trees and rocks near my base :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it the same distance for a foundation vs a campfire? In your previous message you said it varied for different items.

When you place a foundation and it claims a 50 block radius, what happens when you snap another foundation to the first? Does it just extend one block further out from where you placed the second? Is the radius squared or is it polygonal?

I’m surprised that someone hasn’t documented this stuff or at least made the documents easy to find.

Building is driving me crazy. I try to keep from interfering with spawns but it’s not easy. Everyrthing looks good, I place one more item and then I lose the ore spawn on the other side of the mountain and have to reconfigure my building again. Aaaaaggghhhhh!!!

I guess I’ll do some experimenting with “landclaimradius” also.

just set it to the lowest in pve and you’ll be fine

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I played around with some values. I went way below .5 to see what would happen. I currently have it at .069. So far I haven’t noticed any funny business. Except for one spot where a single ironstone boulder spawned partially on the first step of a staircase. Easy enough to fix by placing a foundation block.

I tried it .05 and trees spawned on to foundations. .069 seems to allow spawns right up against a building without compromising building space. Still have yet to see how this setting will work in the long run.

It’s great now being able to build how I want. I am able to build a more efficient pass over a mountain and now I can have a warehouse near my work shop and get my mining and smelting operation running full swing.


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