Question about buildings and camp spawns

How far away from a camp does my ruled land need to be to avoid blocking a camp spawn?

Depends on server settings. Basically, if it’s an NPC camp, it should have a “building not allowed” radius that protects the spawns. If it’s an isolated NPC spawn, the default radius is pretty short, less than 20 foundations. I know my archers (Attack range set to 30 meters) will shoot at vultures spawning on a cliff nearby, and I had an irritating hyena spawning within spitting distance of my base until I went and built a shrine on top of the spawn point.

You can test this pretty safely by finding an isolated spawning point of a non-essential critter (preferably one with a small wandering radius so you can easily find it again). Place some foundations nearby and see if it respawns. If it does, place some more foundations closer to it until it stops respawning.

Thank you, I was more concerned because the other day when base building in sandbox when I loaded back in the camp that’s closish to my base spawned empty. I wandered a great distance away though and it came back. I just don’t want to block enemy spawns ie: the spots on the map that are named and parts of factions like the darfari or black hand etc…

Single-playr mode can be deceptive in that regard. It takes some time for all objects to render properly when logging in because the “server” isn’t active when you’re not there. I’ve sometimes been able to log into my base near Sepermeru and run through the whole city before the first NPC pops in. But that’s a feature of Single-player mode that doesn’t apply to online servers.

I have a “road” made of sandstone foundations going through Sandscour Pass because I wanted to block the rocknose spawns there on my Single-Player game. And some of the stupid rocknoses still spawn in there, less than 20 foundations’ width away from my road. (I don’t think I’ve touched the land claim settings in my game, but I’ll need to double-check on that.)

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