NPC camps near current builds-Isle of Siptah

I am sure there have been some questions to the effect of ‘I have a base and it looks like a NPC camp will be right nearby’. I completely understand the early access thing and that sometimes a change to the game might cause one to have to rethink their location. What I am asking is: does anyone have an idea of the no-build radius distance from an NPC camp. A very small NPC camp will be going in near my base (looks like a one person base on an old dock in the river in the east) and while it is not actually in my base, it is about 50-100 (maybe less) meters away from what would be considered a building or a ‘build’. On our server, we currently have the land claim radius set to much lower than default so that trees and plants respawn within a few feet of a building, making things look nice. If the land claim radius is dialed down, theoretically it should be okay, right…? I mean okay in the way that my building won’t be despawned when the camp goes in.

Land claim doesn’t impact building blocker range. Completely different thing.

That said, you are on a private server. 2.3 is adding a new server setting to destroy buildings that interact with those building blockers. It is off by default. So even if you did intersect with it, your server owner would have to physically enable it first.

Anyways, Funcom is going to do a more detailed write up of all that soon (per the patch notes.)


Thanks for the response. If the building blocker is off by default, that is great. We own the server and I am the admin, so all is good. I will certainly be watching for the detailed notes on this one to see if they give a accurate distance for the non build radius.

I know people don’t say it enough, but I want to thank you for all the support and modding you have done for CE. It is greatly appreciated.


Funcom is not going to completely wipe servers. That’s been stated a hundred times.

For official servers in terms of that specific setting they are going to have a post later with all those details (per the patch notes.)


Hey there,

As @Multigun and out patchnotes point out, we will release a blog post very soon explaining with more detail everything related to the new NPC camps, how they will affect current buildings on private and official servers, and the new server settings.


I’m kind of curious about this as well. I’d hate to come back and find my base buried inside a rock wall.

Well, until we get more details on how the mechanics are going to work with no build zones and such the only thing you can do is to watch a video on where the new camps are going.

If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t. There are several decent ones on Youtube that show the locations and give a good idea of how big. This way you can see if you’re anywhere close to one.

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