On PC - Building Close as I can to a NPC Camp Stops Mob Respawns on half of that camp

I found that Building As close as I can to a NPC camp Stops the Mobs from Re-spawning on one side of that camp. That didn’t used to be the case.
If I was able to build close to a camp, The NPC’s still continued to respawn after I nabbed one.
Something was not put back in after last big Patch.

Thank You

Yes , I noticed the Same. I would tell you not to build too close, but yes that should not stop NPC spawns.
“Needs to be corrected.” ( on PC ) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is that not working as intended? The zone of control dimension of the game.

Sadly it’s not just in pc. I’m on ps4, built a small base at the base of the Derketo shrine for thrall runs. No-one in the balcony, including the preistess, spawns anymore.

I would prefer it if they blocked players from building close enough to stop mobs from spawning instead. Stops the issue with players completely controlling mob spawns, and despawning camps.

There is a server setting for that isn’t there?

This is happening on our private server as well after the 6/15 patch… My compound is actually on the cliffs above “The Pocket”, however its within render distance and now the exile camp isn’t spawning. The same for clan mate on an island across from “lookout point”, note the iron is spawning. We also have an issue with a lost Yog trainer since patch… Removal of wheel of pain near the lookout point let that camp respawn after server restart. The server is set to for NPC’s to ignore land claims though. Now the camp at “The Pocket” is now disapearing, as if abandoned.