NPC's in camps nearby are gone

I am playing a solo game and have built a base relatively near a couple of potential Thrall camps. I noticed however that both of the nearest camps no longer have anyone in them. I didn’t kill everyone. I killed a couple at the gate of one of the camps a while back. But they should have repopulated by now I would think. And that certainly doesn’t explain all of the others that just disappeared. Is the some way to bring them all back? Is anyone else experiencing this?

I did try a mod (hit escape to pause single player game), but I have uninstalled that and completely reinstalled Conan Exiles to insure that was not the problem.

Buildings will cancel spawns within their bubble. How close did u build?

Ok. On a standard jog (not running or slow walking) it was 71 paces (yards?) to one camp and 91 to the other. And that is from the edge of my structure to the first skull on a spike. Too close you think?

it should have been fixed :confused: afaik they implemented some no build areas around npc camps to prevent griefers from intentionally despawning em on pve servers…

Well, I think I’ve seen bases a LOT closer to npc camps than mine is with no problems. Like I said above… 71 paces or 91 paces away? Doesn’t make sense to me.

This happened to me AGAIN. Started a new game (post 1.0 patch) and built further away from the 2 camps I referred to above and suddenly both camps empty again. Is this a reported bug for single player games?

Ok is this single player if so then I assume it’s possible that the no build would work because they want persons in single player to build anywhere

When I had my private server that my building far way but resource node disappears but on official server that you can. Hold alotcloser be before despawn