Thrall camps not respawning

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Type of issue: Bug
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Thrall camps near my base aren’t respawning after the recent up date but, there are thrall at a camp close by

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Hey there @Whorobbedme

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Do you have any mods installed in your game? Also, where is the location of this camp?

Solo, no mods for me.

It seems every time I exit and return there are no NPCs in any of the nearby camps. Last night I exited near the Waterhole Outlook. This morning it was empty, N’batu’s and Claw, empty. I started to travel south, empty, empty, empty. It wasn’t until The Summoning Place, Heartsblood and Dustdevil that I found NPCs. Maybe it’s a distance or time thing…

Mostly going out of render-distance and coming back (at feet, not by admin tp) should fix that.

I would try that to see if it fix your camps, i think it’s your system not having the time to properly load them in.

In my example it wasn’t a build, not even a bedroll. But I have seen ore and rock spawn points disappear near my buildings. This isn’t a problem for me unless I’m kiting a beast into an empty camp.

It’s an old rendering bug, pretty sure it’s isolated to single player. If you leave the area and come back (a decent distance away), the Thralls will respawn.

Yeah, I’ve had this same happen to me too, at those same camps. Building distance was not a factor in my case either. It has also occurred in Sepermeru.

I believe it’s related to the order in which the game loads things: the main ground mesh, terrain, water etc. come first; then other details and harvestable resources; and finally, NPCs. Sometimes you can run into an area so quickly after starting the game (or logging into the area) that the game doesn’t have time to render critters. But they’ve always come back, eventually.

This is exactly one of the issues I see every time I log into the SP game.
The NPCs are not spawning when you are within LOD rendering range as they are supposed to do.

As someone mentioned, you go away from them for a while and come back you often will see them having spawned. Other times, they will still not have spawned and it can delay for up to several game days. Still, if the camps are vacant they will NOT spawn while you are simply standing there waiting for them to show up.
They will only spawn if you are not within LOD rendering range.
One other thing I’ve noticed once they have spawned, (especially noticeable at Al Meraya).
You approach Al Meraya from the south through Weeping Ruins, you’ll see a bond fire with the NPC standing there, as you get closer, you will see the NPC go into a kneeling position.
Go to the other side of Weeping Ruins, then return to look at that NPC again.
You will see the NPC has reset and is standing again until you get closer and you will see it go into the kneeling position. (This is repeatable consistently).

This is one of the issues that I have noticed often just prior to the game freezing and causing my system to go into a lockup state, forcing me to shut the power off and reboot.
But for some insane reason, this has me thinking this issue is not the underlying cause of my lockup state.

At least I know I’m not alone in seeing this odd loading behavior where NPCs are not loading.
This is especially noticeable if you’re at Weeping Ruins looking toward Al Meraya or to the other camp just to the south. But I have seen the exact same behavior at other camps when I come within LOD rendering range of them.

The SP mode runs the same server program as the official servers. The difference is when you leave the game, your personal server shuts down and when you start up the game again, your personal server has to go through the same loading process every time.

The thing is, this cannot be acceptable in any case and it should not be ignored.

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