Expand 'no build' zone around NPC cities

Given how many people like to drop thrall filled bases around these NPC cities, I think it might help server strain, if the no build zones were expanded around Sepermeru and New Asgarth, by a fair margin. I’ve noticed on the 2 servers I play on, that both tend to be loaded with player bases, with a lot of thralls, and torches, and all the stuff that makes them beautiful. but they’re also close enough to those NPC cities that the game has to render the NPC city, on top of all of those bases in close proximity. From a ‘lore’ perspective, it would especially make sense for the citizens of New Asgarth to tear down anything built close to them, since we exiles are ‘demons’ to them.

I’ve noticed on both servers (official PVE servers) that things can come to a crawl when passing through those areas… thralls start the weird running in place, or running sideways in random directions, when passing through those NPC city areas that become laden with ‘stuff’ from players.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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What sort of borders were you thinking?

Sepermeru already has a very odd shaped build exclusion zone.

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I am not sure what is appropriate, and what isn’t. I’d be fine with nothing within render range of the cities.

Render range of the walls or render range of details?
As this one understands the system in use (and those diving deeper into the code please correct) there are different lode distances with increasing detail as one gets closer.

While this one is in favour of keeping high value areas protected on officials, finding a sweet spot border for the building exclusion area is a challenge.

In ancient times there were accounts of archery being used to determine the annex around city walls, the farthest and arrow being loosed from the battlements setting how far everything has to be cleared.
Perhaps that has some merit in this case.

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Wont happen, funcom is scarred to step on peoples toes that have already built in those areas.
If they did this just around sinners on my server it would wipe out 5 different builds. And why it wont happen. The area around the sentinels is like down town Dubai. I’m all for larger no builds around POIs, but there are builds on my server that have turned POIs in to shrines inside their compound.

This is a situation where funcom has nailed their foot to the floor. They can’t make the no build zones bigger because people have already built in them. So what should be done about them?

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Yep. And weirdly, lights are among the last ones to render. It feels weird that when approaching a town at night, you first see the walls, and only then the torches on those walls.


Agree, there should at least be a glow.

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Where have you been all this time m8? Thanks for bringing this up, i am so alone in this so many years that’s making me look weird :rofl:.
It’s not correct not to have this particular adjustment when we rent a server.
It’s not correct when i play on official servers not to have this adjustment.
If we had these settings, years now, 80% of the problems would be solved and more people would rent servers.
If we had these settings, years now, 80% of the bans would be avoided.
If we had these settings, years now, 80% of the performance problems would be solved.
We fixed “not allowed to build” for people who want to build everywhere.
Let’s fix for good “not allowed to build” by giving the choice for more strict building rules.
So if i rent a server i wont have to be a policeman.
So if i play on official, i won’t have to be the snitch or a goner. (in my case i am a goner).

Ok so lets say the no build zones are pushed out 25%{?}
Some POIs not on the list are added.
Textured paths are added.
Main water ways are added.

And the new nobuilds zones are initiated. What happens to all those builds that are in the new zones.
Immediate poof?
Pieces decay can’t be fixed/reset?
Or just hack off everyone on the server and wipe? {don’t start}

That is the issue with any changes to the TOS, which includes no build zones. How do you initiate it with out agitating a large part of they player base?

Read above. If you think that a banned player feels better than the one that he lost a part of his base, you better start reading more carefully to what happened in the past on siptah map. Lots of early access players lost great parts of their bases, some lost it almost all.
How many quit?
And again read above, you ask the same things years now but with different options, you ask a hard limit. So i ask you, if a hard limit comes, gow many players will lost again? Wouldn’t this create the same issues and many worst? What will decide what stays and what decays?
Now you have your answer, the poi will. And don’t forget, it’s not the main bases that create the performance issues, but the funcy outposts each player has to farm thralls or sorcery materials. So technically people will loose just outposts. But even if someone circle or blocked something again wins, it’s better to loose some than loose everything.
Ask the ones that got banned what they woukd prefer and you already have your answer.
Plus ask all the private server admins how many times they had to deal with blocking complains in their private servers. The problems are many and exceed just the official servers. The strict option in necessary!

That and server mergers has taught funcom a lesson.
Now those that have read my stuff because they just can’t help themselves; you know who you are, knows building on POIs is my 2nd biggest pet peeve. So ya, I’d love to see it.


I think communication being the biggest precursor to understanding and accepting change.

The mergers were actually done well considering their track record despite its hiccups. They gave us a lot of time to deal with it and make the necessary preparations.

We were notified via many points and platforms.

So a big change like this would warrant that same level of notice. That is if it ever happened of course.

Then there’s also decisions that they’ve made where there’s no warning, nothing in patch notes and we find out the hard way… That is always a (expected) possibility.

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Perhaps high value location is too general.

Was it just the two towns, Sepermeru and New Asagarth that were having issues @Prelate ?

And yes, to the above, any expansion of no build zones will cause some displeasure. As much as the stamina changes? What is the threshold that Funcom is willing to push into discomfort if it is “for the good of the game”.
If there is an expansion of the forbiddance zones, it should be telegraphed in advance. A full Season in advance. The loader has an updated sidebar. A map which clearly notes the new no build zone boarders should be furnished so people can move in those 13 weeks of necessary.

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You are correct. There is a level load that puts in terrain and a few rhings to create a horizon. Then there are spawn camps (npcs, smaller placeables and decor) and sub levels (buildings, foliage etc) that will load details as you get closer to them.

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This has happened to me 3 times now since early access even on a private server where I was admin. It was kind of annoying at the time and I was even accused of cheating when players couldn’t place bombs outside my base :rofl:. But if players are enjoying the game, I don’t think that it’'s a big problem so long as it’s not excessive and there is a good reason for doing it.

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