A server setting for "no build zone"

Basically my suggestion is as the title suggests, me and my friends play on a private PvE server we built our central base on rocks above Executioners Entrance. After “mother of all patches” introduced fixes for building exploits a substantial part of our base (mainly the part where most of the crafting stations are located) has become no build and no thralls allowed area. As far as I could measure it, the “no build zone” goes at least 5 blocks in vertical direction above the rock surface. So please ad this server setting so PvE players can turn of the restriction, and build anywhere. Since in my opinion ability to build in such places mostly affects PvP and base raiding.


Are you sure this is not a stability issue? After a patch addressing overlapping building blocks (even though I had none in my build) 2/3 of my base suspended under the Northern Aqueduct fell. Took with it 9 crafting benches.

I am not aware of the location but this may give advantages over creatures and the Purge.

A server setting to disable the issue…bit tricky for the way it’s set up and if it would allow building in general…it would really allow it everywhere, also in dungeons etc.

(Just a quick question: Is there no problems with people blocking journeys in pve?)

Dont think so, none of the blocks, thrals or placables disapiered, i just cannot build there or place any thralls. Since the part of the base is directly above the cave i asume it’s the “no build zone” in effect