Building a "building forbidden zone"

On PVE servers we have to build roads & daisy chain pillars to prevent others from expanding their fancy theme parks or block passages, which makes natural wilderness into artificial desert. Let us build a “Building forbidden” area, which prevents building, but does not kill spawn of mobs and resources.
It will also help with server performance.

hey there , here is a suggestion thread you may want to read :wink:

It could be good workaround, if implemented initially. Though I want this feature for slightly other reasons - make my base surrounded by wilderness, for two reasons:

  1. to keep other’s crazy creations from my render distance when I log in or respawn on bed (what is good thing when you want to grab spare armor and run to pick up your loot

  2. make Purge concentrated on my fortress. I do not want them to be distracted by somebody’s dance school or marketplace.

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