Extended no build zones

Whay not ad nonbuild zones on area you to day will be baned for to build on? On worldbisses and resurses. and link up areas so they cant be build in?

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Because no-build zones wouldn’t solve almost anything. Here are some specific problems it would not solve:

  • No-build zones won’t remove buildings that are already blocking important spawns and resources.
  • You can’t make a no-build zone that would allow you to suppress one or two iron nodes in Godsclaw but prevent your from suppressing most of the iron nodes in Godsclaw.
  • A determined troll can encircle a no-build zone with anti-climb walls.
  • If you link up all no-build zones so that none of them can be encircled, you will make huge swaths of the terrain unbuildable, preventing many people from creating perfectly legal builds that don’t cause any problems.

In short, building system abuses require human judgment to assess and can’t be solved with simple machine rules.

  • No maybe its not help whit alredy existing blocks but prevent player by mistake build ther when its reason to be baned to builfd ther

  • hard to tell in the rules what resourses that is restrikted so …

  • Yes but it will make it harder for them. And if we combo that whit a limit ladclaming area they cant wall it in.

  • Well maybe not link in everyting to one big nonbuild area butt i know several nonbuild areas that its weard that they arnt linked. And that the one i know that exist today + all npc´s, worldbosses and spec resourse nodeds…

No its not the perfect fix for everything but a big help to prevent problems and waist resourses on mistakes that cant be done in the first plase. It will save funcom time and prevent players from ragequite and never com back to funcom.

They remove it. I experienced first hand during Siptah beta.


Wasn’t that a specific situation though? I got the impression at the time that they were saying adding all the camps and related no-build zones would wipe bases at those locations - but that seemed more to do with the terrain changes and scenery being added, rather than the no-build zones themselves. (I could be wrong, but it just seems to me to make sense for a way both statements could be correct.)


Yes they did it when they aded more camps, and guess as new nonbuild areas. Have not tested but …

But they can ad more none build sones and nuke buildings just on that spotts same as they was able to nuke waled in portals in sipta.

You tell an another situation. They made it non build zone without modifying the landscape in my situation. They not nuked the base completely, rather the zone split my base literally half. Floors were visible as one side of the base was erased.

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Yes they can do it, ad none build areas and buildings on that area go bombom.

Thanks for the vittnes report!

No, they don’t. Adding a no-build zone does not remove what’s built on top of it. I know that, because it has been done several times before Siptah and none of my builds got deleted, not even partially.

Do you know how I know that they didn’t change the way no-build zones work? Because none of the people who still have their bases on top of some no-build zones in Exiled Lands complained about their stuff being suddenly demolished.

What they did with Siptah was add no-build zones and remove everything players built inside them.

It’s not about the resources being “restricted”. It’s about not being a dick to the rest of the server.

All rules that humans make for other humans have what is known as the letter of the rule and the spirit of the rule. If you focus only on the letter of the rule, as a handful of you insist doing, you can keep arguing that the rules aren’t clear until you reach one of the following two points:

  • the rules are so long and complex, expressed in a language that leaves little to no doubt about their interpretation, that the effort to understand them makes them useless
  • the rules are so specific that anyone can abuse them by breaking the spirit of the rule without breaking the letter of the rule

If, on the other hand, you stop pretending you don’t understand the spirit of the rule, then it becomes more simple and boils down to “build in such a way that you’re not being a dick to the rest of the server”.

It’s a videogame. It doesn’t need rules so complex that you’ll need a law degree to interpret them. It doesn’t need courts and judges and lawyers. What a videogame needs are rules that are enforced to the point that the players can play without suffering because someone else didn’t want to think about the rest.

This whole pretense about “unclear rules” has gone way beyond being merely disingenuous and has crossed into the territory of intellectual dishonesty.


Yes they did not destry build part when they extended the nonbuils zones in old world but they did that in sipta, so yes they can if they like to and thats i one jobb for all the servers. Whay they did not do that when they extended the old world is a “?” but i guess it was not implented to the game then but it is now.

Yes som of the rules is clear not block bosses and dont wall off areas, no problem ther. Also spaming t1 al over the map to can be quite clear but it gets problem if you have to build a path down from youre mountan base or somthing.

But the build to biga base and to creata to mutch lag is a big mess that ont say mutch and the balase on resourse span block is also abit fussy.

Yes the spirit of the rules is quite clear to stop trolls but not for the one in the gray are the one also you agree on that they shud get a warning b4 they gets nuked.

No, it’s not just about trolls. What trolls do is premeditated: their goal is to make the game worse for other players. What some other players do is negligent, rather than premeditated: they don’t give a crap about other people on the server.

You call it the “grey area”, I call it “being a bad neighbor”. Whatever it is, Funcom is making sure that this doesn’t get out of the hand.

I agree it would be better. It would be nicer. It would be done in an ideal world.

We live in a world in which people complain about a DLC being released and in which many official PVE(-C) servers are unplayable, choked by people who don’t give a damn about anyone else. This world is so far from ideal that it’s not even funny, so forgive me if I have no sympathy left for those who have never responded to reasonable requests to self-moderate. If they rage-quit, so much the better. If they don’t buy Dune, then it’s an additional reason for me to buy it.


Yes lets get back in topick, but i understand and respec what you think on it even if we dot agrre in everything.

This is just a stab in the dark, but I assume the reason they nuked buildings when extending and creating no build zones in Siptah is it was still in early access so major changes and wipes are expected

I don’t personally want extended no build areas because the way they have been implemented in the past indicates it’s an all or nothing proposition. What I mean by that is it will be universally applied across all public, private, and even single player.

I don’t want the private server I play on to have new rules imposed unless the server owner and admin decide. I know that may be a bit selfish, but I think that is fair in this situation and wanted to share my thoughts


I totally agree with you, but I think many people don’t think of themselvers as “dicks”. People who take “dominate” on PVE servers serious and interprete it as “dominate as many sectors with structures as you can”. The dominant way to build is: make a big Block, 20-30 fundaments high, 50x50 fundaments l x b and spam some structures around it and fill the sector. If it is a clan you find sometimes 2 or 3 of this.
And maybe a wall across a complete zone with critical pathways with closed doors.

The number of those blocks to normal or nice made buildings is around 20:1 i guess. Having the question who plays PVE on Conan in general? Most use the easy way of setting a big Block in the area, 30-40 fish traps, 3-4 big animal pens, a light show of multiple temples, countless light sources, 20-40 fertilizer pits stacked above each other. Best near New Asagarth, so fighting in the town is not possible anyore. When the frames go down to 15-20 fps they look satisfied at their work and just log each 5-6 days short to reset timers. I hardly ever have seen an official server with nice buildings. Or that those big structures were used and people were online.

I guess many people also build as much as they can. If they are done on 1 server and built everthing full they march to the next server. But preserving their “art pieces” on the different servers as samples what they built. I really hardly see anyone playing of the owners of those structures. You can go on different servers and it is everywhere the same. Those big structure “clans” are mostly never present and dont play. But they sure will be totally pissed of to loose 1 brick. There is a severe problem with this “dominance” thinking on PVE where you can’t attack and destroy structures…


it it SO SATISFYING to pillage and destroy this stuff if outdated. Should be an own game mode. Destroy “piles of shame”… Maybe an event could be programmed “get rid of the most annoying structures”?


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