No build zones on the world map

Hello Devs!

I have been playing this game since beta, and have seen a ton of really great suggestions. As a veteran player I would like to suggest that areas like shattered springs be remapped as collision zones/no build zones. And if the answer is no, then I would suggest that these areas not be included in investigations when determining if players are blocking resources, or world bosses. It makes sense to prevent players from blocking important areas. But if you can build there, then the world boss should not be there.


No-Build zones aren’t a solution, they simply slow down the griefers. If they want to block the Shattered Springs, they can just build a wall around the no-build zone. Larger zones would just make them need a longer wall, until you grow the no-build zone so big that it starts disrupting legitimate building.

Making Purge capable of demolishing T3 (without teleporting inside) buildings and Purge-meter growing automatically, and if anything built near no-build zone twice as fast.

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