What areas of the game would you like to see as no-build areas and vice-versa?

What area from the game would you like to be set as a no-build area to prevent it from being built over and destroyed by other players. Similar, what areas that are currently set as no-build areas, would you like to see have their restrictions removed or reduced?

I’m interested to see everyone’s opinion on this topic, and I will give you my personal opinion after having played more than 2500 hours and experienced the game at its fullest.

When it comes to building, I would like to see parts of the unnamed city free of the building restrictions because it’s such a nice biome and such a nice place both as a position on the map and level design wise.

The areas that I would like to see them as a no-build area, are Sinner’s Refuge and Shattered Springs Lake. These zones are very important as they provide good resources, and there should be no reason for anyone to build there, except to grief other players.

Let me know what you think about this topic and maybe Funcom will take it into consideration.

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I agree with you GodlyVoice. Sinners refuge should be a no build zone. And I mean it sort of is but they just need to extend it out a bit and include it vertically upwards because for some reason building disrupts spawns infinitely downwards (or maybe fix that if possible, doesn’t make sense to disrupt spawns underneath you). Shattered Springs should absolutely be a no build zone. I mean it makes sense with the lore the land had been salted so no one would ever build there and is infused with toxic gas. Building should be blocked. Also the black Keep should be a no build zone, this is a no brainer.

Areas I would like to see open up is the plateau North of Sepumeru. It is a beautiful place out of the city but for some reason is completely restricted, always wanted to
Build there. Also I think the build restrictions around buccaneers bay could be lessened a little. They extend pretty far. I would Not be opposed to opening up parts of the surrounding Unnamed city but not too much as I think this place should generally be no build as its corrupt.


I definitely agree with shattered springs being no build, on a side note I don’t think the water there should be drinkable (always seemed weird to me). I think at least one of each boss should be in a no build zone (if they’re not already) and foal spawn areas (at least one of them). As for opening areas up I don’t have any preferences, so far haven’t encountered restrictions in areas that I like to build.


Same. You can also drink from the acid pool where the abysmal remnant spawns. I think I understand why it’s that way with regards to the game mechanics, but it doesn’t seem right being able to drink from them


From a single-player perspective, there should zero no- build zones. If it were possible, multi-player should have different restrictions from single-player.


I really like this idea. Pretty sure someone brought this up in a thread a few weeks ago and it would solve a fair number of problems without also opening doors to many new exploits.


Yeah, I definitely think that there should be an admin setting to deactivate all no build zones for the admin. Always wanted to have that on PS4. But also separate single player settings Just make sense and I don’t see a reason to have no build zones in single player.


It was an accidental discovery from when the dregs boss was bugged. I was spam clicking E (interact key) trying to read the recipe book located on the stairs inside the acid pit because every time I’ve swam in it, I couldn’t find it quick enough and either died or had to retreat to heal back up.

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Alternatively - leave it to be build-zone, but make it periodically exploding in eruption, destroying everything in volcanic biome. And all volcano human NPC should run outside in hordes, to become an all-other-biomes Purge.


In singleplayer mode, they don’t even spawn there. It’s completely empty, but still marked as no-build if I remember right.

I was thinking that once a user hits level 60 that they no longer can keep their noob river base stable.


Personally, I’m a big fan of Set City. I only go to the volcano when I need more gold.

I always dismantle my old buildings to reuse the materials, but having some sort of increased decay in that area is a good idea. I wouldn’t suggest it being a full on no build zone, more like a temporary build zone.

  1. Large no-build zones around obelisks (let corruption “decay” buildings).
  2. No-build zones in Shattered Springs (don’t let players ‘de-spawn’ brimstone).
  3. Wider no-build zone around Sinners Refuge (or at least, don’t let players prevent spawns in the cave or cave entrance)
  • I really like the “decay” affecting the ‘noob river’ after a player reaches 60. But, I’d make it affect T1 sandstone structures only.

  • And I really like making the volcano “too violent” for keeping a base there – frequent eruptions and forced purges sound awesome.


This, mostly because I want a maproom as close to the obelisk as possible.

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It would also cause problems for players who build bridges across the lava, I think its wise to allow building within the volcano.

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You don’t need a bridge to get in or out. You don’t need a bridge to drag thralls out either.

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And you can take thralls there and encounter no lava issues whatsoever.

People build on top of Sinner’s Refuge at ground level. It’s not obvious at first. I built there, so I learned about vertical claims.

You mean people unaware of such land claims.

Yes, if you use the pick up and place method of getting them in or the rescue method of getting them in.

do note, however, I just lost a lvl 20 snowhunter and her sword of crom in the volcano recently, so it’s hard to do it right.