What areas of the game would you like to see as no-build areas and vice-versa?

It might be best place to explore and adventure, and to keep outpost for this or it could be perferct place for infernal majestic fortress. On our official server it always looks like suburb of Mordor, with spiked walls around something and serpentine roads to counter those walls.

So i have only been playing full bore since lockdown started, not one thrall lost in the volcano, so you all must be going to some weird places. I still haven’t found a smelter from up there 4 or 5 copies of each of the fighter an archers though.
I have no fear taking any of my leveled thralls there.

I am at least 2 times in a week at the volcano (or even more often, when farming stones). I have a bridge connecting the normal passage to the Dragonmouth entry… So I need to take a big round there.

Never lost a thrall with the new lava system (where it is not one-shot you).

And no, I dont “pick thralls” up while making my round or palce them somewhere.

  1. Until such time as the devs can figure out how to keep dungeon/cave spawns intact, I’d like to see no-build zones atop any caves including Sinner’s Refuge, Silver Mine, Executioner’s Entrance, etc.

  2. On a more permanent basis (since I’d like to think they can solve #1), I’d like to see either no-building in Shattered Springs or greatly accelerated decay.

  3. I can get behind building in the volcano (heck, I have a highway to well), but IMO blocks placed directly IN (not over) lava should decay even faster than #2. For blocks that are not physically in contact with or submerged in lava, then rock on as usual.

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Sounds like we need extra categories for decay types. Instead of one setting in the admin menu, allow to at least adjust T1, T2, and T3 types differently. T1 may have the least time for decay. T3 may have it doubled.

For now though, I like the idea of the sandstorm damaging T1 structures. I heard there is a way to change the duration and occurrences of the storm. Wouldn’t your alpha clan wanna play with this dial!

The tethering on followers is awful now. They no longer teleport to you most of the time (exceptions are when climbing and crossing bodies of water ). If you are running while in the open map, you can outrun your follower, I have waited 2 mins to let follower catch up on several occasions (even worse if you are on a horse).

As for the no-build zones, I think that any area that has important resources should be a no-build zone.

But on which places?

The well of skelos is dangerous. Also the way back from it (the way to it, was always fine for me).

We lost a t4 bearer one time, when lava was still one-shoting you… And the reason was, that my clanmate lagged into the lava and this idiot thrall had nothing better todo as follow him into the lava. This was ~8-9 months ago and was kinda a big loss, as he was the only t4 bearer we had.

But since then I lost 0 thrall there. Ok, until the one-shoting mechanic was gone, I was always alone at the volcano :slight_smile:

T2 and T3 already have more HP than T1, so if it’s just a constant rate of HP damage, then that takes care of it without over-complicating things. At least that was my thinking.

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I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, especially if you consider PvP servers. The only truly unique resource in the game that I can think of is obsidian. That can only be found at the volcano. But other resources have multiple locations and ways to get. Gold can be found by looting chests from the Eastern waters. Brimstone can be found 4 places in good quantity. In a PvP environment, it’s a statement “I control this resource”. Having said that, I don’t play on PvP servers. I’m only guessing.

If you stay on the paths… yes… but I was raiding a base up at the green wall in the volcano and needed to deal with some defiant thralls defending it.

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If you want to try some base builds in your singleplayer before actually wasting your ressources on the actual pvp server, you need those restrictions.
But I agree, there should be a setting to turn it off.


I don’t. On official servers, think of the effect on new players.

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I really like that idea, sounds like a whole bunch of fun to me.

I miss the panic of being out in the open during a sandstorm. But i’m not prepared to create a new character just to experience it again. I only carry a sandstorm mask for gas now.

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I did. I’ve been there. It’s only 20% of the map where builds would get damaged.

It’s better than having level 60s that stubbornly camp noob river for raiding. Think of those new players that are faced with T3 camps. (Lets skip the care bear flags)

I too do not play on PvP server either, having said that, it did not even occur to me about the control aspect. MInd you, even if I did, personally I would not block resources as I would feel like a heel.

That would be awesome! A blizzard, fog in the swamps, eruptions/earthquakes/fire balls/ash clouds in the volcano.

There is a mod.

first make diferens betwean pvp and pve, in pvp i dont know but in pve to conect alresy existing areas to aouto prevent blocking.

Open more of the map so that it is less restrictive.

The key parts of Conan Exiles are: Survive, Build, Dominate.

Ever since the server rules were posted a lot of people have been throwing the term “grief” around and in a number of situations, using it incorrectly. Claiming resources and fortifying them to limit the access to others isn’t griefing. In a situation where survival hangs in the balance everyone isn’t going to simply live and let live. Conan Exiles (PvP servers) aren’t simply a walk in the park, you don’t really want others building near you and or having unlimited access to resources that can in turn be used against you. If the Shattered Springs can be held by a clan, props to them. SS isn’t the only source of brimstone, it just seems that many have gotten used to porting in and clearing it out. Just like other resources, for the most part there are other sources.

CE PvP servers are essentially on a leash in regard to the Build and Dominate aspects. A lot of players want to be able to move around freely, they gripe about anything that limits their access to areas/resources (even with the in-game remedies that many simply ignore) whilst still wanting to be able to go around and blow other players’ base(s) up. “Freedom of access” (in general?) and PvP don’t mix. In PvP player’s need to be able to fortify their bases, the surrounding areas, restrict access to them and be able to “claim” resources, it’s only fair. Also in PvP players can destroy building pieces so there’s that, unlike PvE servers. A smaller number of players/clan(s) stand more of a chance against a larger clan(s) with the aforementioned.

As far as obelisks, if they can be held, props to the holder(s). Obelisks are not the only way to travel and horses being added was quite the leap forward, though again, many have gotten used to porting around and when that is impeded they tend to complain.

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Totally agree, but I havent PVP’ed in a long time. On PVE-C and PVE its just griefing, since you cant destroy the builds that block resources. FC needs to seperate PVP from PVE-c and PVE or up the decay timer on all areas around major resources.