We need more unbuildable terrain

A very common problem than can be avoided in PVE/PVE Conflict is obelisks and point of interest blocking. The unbuildable boundary in obelisks needs to be increased because they are still being blocked by just building around it. Maybe change the shape of the boundaries to an irregular or difficult pattern to build around.

World chests and main roads are also being completely blocked off by massive structures. The solution to this doesn’t have to be making a huge chunk of land unbuildable but putting down spots of unbuildable terrain in key locations and entrances.

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I thikn one suggestion i have seen multiple times is to craete a sort of “vein” between obbies. Thus they can never truly be blocked. Only would have to be 2 foundations wide and run between the obbies only.
I always thought of something like this.


This is a great idea. Though - I kind of enjoy the risk on PvP servers of someone working to try and lock down fast travel and resources. We recently cleared a paving on our PvP official server. And I could not be more proud of us for addressing the challenge. I don’t think I would fully support an easy button fix to try and keep bullies from being bullies.

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Or how about include a Patrol route between tribes toward things so that … If a Section of structure is indeed blocking a pathway these things would have 5x power against building structure thus you are subjected to getting your base knocked down. Thus if a clan really want to block off something they would have to defend against it routinely. So let say the Patrol group is normally a caravan of 2 fight 2 archer and 1 entertainer. Every 30 min during the siege attack this will double its manpower until it can push through then the remaining troop continue the route following the first group to the next desination and if there is no more conflict between there and back to start they will disappear (no corpse) Thus solve without having to put more anti-build vein area and it would increase living breathing world.

It doesnt have to stop at just tribes it could be some herd of animal/monsters that would patrol an area.


Oh i have been in obbie wars. and they are fun. But maybe again, this can be a PVE/PVE-C setting?

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This. Funcom already added some areas, and locked off cave building.(my poor home in pve…) And players just built bigger.
Or use other means to cause lag or issues to others. =/

Claim Flag system, (neat idea) would slow some of it. (ps4 user can make infinite psn’s…) no luck for us.

I we really need report tools, and 1 staff member who goes server to server and breaks it down over and over.
Or abit more info used to decided of a build is used by player, or just a “wall”
So one example, player walls off obelisk, but has no thralls, tables, bed rolls etc near it. So it decays x10 after 1 day. (thou it would punish a few players with mini bases…and canbe countered with artisan table and box…)

Or simply, changed decay timer. Player visits 5mins per week, it register it as “not playing” and breaks it down after a week. Or goes into “unclaimed” status so it can be taken down, even on PVE server. If someone can’t play few hours out of week, tough cookies.

I only see this as an issue in PvE, people should just report blocks. Something like this wouldn’t go well for PvP servers.

People do report them. But per Funcom, nothing can be done. So it is greifer tactic 101 for non PVP.

Funcom has stated in other threads that they do not have admin rights on the servers, so I’m not sure it could be done like that. They can ban them from the official servers which I think is how it’s been dealt with in the extreme cases.

Ya, i saw that. Its something they need to work on.

Why not other methods of navigation? I’ll repeat something I’ve mentioned before, but why not have mounts that serve as transports. These mounts would be certain trainable pets that have a fast travel selection in their radial selection wheel. You don’t actual ride the 3d animal, you travel as an icon on the map. The terrain has many routes to take to various hubs. You have a chance to being stopped by bandits/ monsters, depending on the type of mount. Teleports wouldn’t be needed really, so no worries about others monopolizing them.

LOL. Reporting to Funcom? They’ll get back to you next year if you’re lucky. This problem is only in PVE/ PVEC. The fact that people can completely build their house around a world chest blows my mind. Clearly that was not an intended mechanic. Maybe they should move chests to those empty pointless dungeons that have no buildings allowed. There’s plenty of pointless caves in the game.

Someone on my server blocked a chest. I asked them to move, they refused, and then I blew them up. PvP is nice.

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Like i said thou, This is something Funcom needs push/lean towards then small fixes. Yes, reporting right now is laughable, and pointless at times…

BUT, if they pushed towards someone who can hop onto server, and break down walls. issues will go away abit better, with out punishing “normal” players.

Good thing about world chests thou, is there random. So a few blocked off isnt to bad.

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Yeah… that’s one reason I don’t like PVP. I take LONG periods of time building elaborate houses and wouldn’t want it to get wrecked while I’m at work or asleep. I actually have a chest behind my castle and since I have common sense I don’t plan on building anything that can interefere.

I build big elaborate structures as well. I just surround them with big pvp driven walls. With tons of thralls and pets, and t3 altars.

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Good for you. I don’t plan on going to a pvp server to have the game work properly. If that’s the case. Why bother putting PVE and Conflict servers?

Well I hope it’s something they can fix for you without ruining PvP servers. We’ve already got some other clans built in/near some of these locations. An action like this will cause them to lose their bases.

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