Serversettings for build in blacked areas

Hi Funcom team, players and admins,

at the moment I’m payling online on a community server cluster with Exiled Lands, Savage Wilds and Siptah with arround 200 active players. As you can imagine it’s not easy to find a building spot where 1. No spawn points are affected 2. No dungeons are affected by landclaim 3. No essencial ressource oder access ways are blocked.

In this case I found a perfect spot to build at the [Rockfall Canyon] but there is no possibility to allow players to build there even the is no real reason why it’s locked. Are there any options for the server admins to disable the build restriction for vistas, allow one specific player to build at such a location or disable one of these locations? I would be verry happy if someone has an information or hint to solve this. Thanks in advice.

Kind regards