[PC][HELP] Player building denying my building

On server 1975 PVE S.A. (apparently working better) some player called Kastros Asturbal build up so close do my construction site that I can’t do anything else. The same thing ocurred to me on old 953 server and the bizarre solution was a complete reshape of the location where was my building (near to Seppermaru). Now, how can we solve this? I need to place a wall and the building is so close to me that I can’t do that.

The coordinates are: TeleportPlayer -265725.21875 57666.320313 -3828.148193

@Jens_Erik can You help me? This problem annoying and delaying me.

They don’t offer in game support like traditional MMO, because this game is not an MMO.


You are so prestative and clever @guisun what about you let the admins do what ever they want to do about it?

What you think about what they supose will do concern only to you and your mind. So if you can’t help, don’t cause any trouble.

@guisun is correct.

Funcom reps have stated in multiple threads that they will not moderate official servers. They will provide no assistance with griefing or harassment. They will do nothing about your problem.

Below are a few threads you can consult to see official responses from Funcom reps.


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