Cannot build where you or a thrall once stood

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: All

When building, if you or a thrall gets in the way of a building piece being placed, it will not allow you to build in that spot, which is good… Except, when you or the thrall move, it will still not permit you to build that piece in that location. You have to switch to another type of building piece, highlight it on the spot that you it won’t allow you to build at, then switch back to the one you want to place there. Everything will work as intended afterwords, until you or a thrall gets in the way again.

Note: this mostly happens when trying to connect new pieces to existing pieces.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start building
  2. Stand in the way (or have a thrall stand in the way) of the piece you are trying to place
  3. Move out of the way (or move the thrall out of the way)
  4. Try to place piece again, it won’t allow it and will act as if you are still in the way
  5. Select a different type of building place to build
  6. Highlight the different piece on the spot it won’t allow you to build
  7. Switch back to the piece you want to place
  8. Place building piece

I have had similarproblem. try to place a piece at your feet blocking foundation then move elsewhere and build a bit or like you said change mats. Best I can remember this is a day one issue.

High light another item, If your trying place a foundation, switch to wall or ceiling, then back.

I get this alot, and that ussally solve it. (building a home, it happens 4-5 times…)

Online, if that doesnt fix it, walk away or waiting about etc while server catches up can help.

Hello @Placus_Brutus, thank you for reaching out!

We’re aware of the issue and it should be addressed in a future patch, apologies for the inconvenience.

More than a bug this is simply how the game engine and the server work and will not be fixed, because, despite what the community support Hugo wrote, there is nothing to fix in this case, unless for “fix” he intends better engine and server settings that refresh game informations quicker.
But I doubt it can be implemented due to limited memory resources on the PS4, that is already struggling to run the game the way it is.

I don’t like either the way it works, that is for sure.
The game engine register that the spot is taken by a character therefore not available for placing items and it doesn’t refresh this information for a long time by itself.

What you can do in this case is just run away from the spot, away enough to have the location you were building on disappearing from your view and then go back, basically reloading the cell the game was rendering, when it relods the cell the engine will register that position as free now and allow you to build immediatly.

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it happens the same way from stability issues not being refreshed, notta biggie, easy workaround. i think the repair hammer also refreshes the stabilities counter thingy. at least it used to. 8]

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