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Game mode: [Online | PVE]
Problem: [| Bug |
Region: [America]

I am on server3534 . Someone has built so close to my bas that I can no long place thralls build or add any thing to my base. I can not place a furnace or stove or anything else. what do I do? How can this happen. It say land already claimed. shouldnt it have said that for trhe person buulding around me? I have been there for acouple of weeks, and they just built 2 days ago.
Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @DDonovan15, welcome to the forums!

When two players build at each other’s claim boundaries, the area in which both claims intersect may produce that sort of behavior, which is why most players build walls or foundations on the outskirts of their bases to extend their own claimed area.

A possible workaround for this is to log out and back in to the game, which should allow you to build within the intersection area. Hopefully we’ll be able to address this situation in the future.

Or just ask them to move nicely and if they refuse oh well take them out I dont really like people building close to me I dont know I have one guy who is pretty chill so I allow him but he messes around once he gone.

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